Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fix It Fail

So mum filed the locks on the cat door.  She heated the file and tried to melt them and she tried to lever them off but fail, fail , fail.  So she might have to get some friends with tools to come round and help.

In the meantime mum made some rice with meatballs and salad for dinner.  She gave me my feast and now the temperature is dropping and it is time to curl up on the bed with mums book.  Night night.


  1. Oh! Poor Mum...If l was her, l'd hit it
    with a hammer...!!! :). No! No! Not that!
    Best to get someone to look at it, then
    it'll be done proper!
    And, poor Mum must be on her tummy again
    taking photos of you outside..Bless!x

  2. What a pain. Will the folks that installed it not come and fix it ? Xxx

  3. Poppy, dear, there's little more frustrating than a door/drawer/whatever that jams! Sometimes it's easier to remove the fastener gizmo and install a new, simpler, closure. Me, I favor the old-fashioned sliding bolt!

  4. That's a bother. Hopefully, your mum's friends will be able to help. I hope the night was at least restful.

  5. Oh no! We were hoping Mom could fix it. Enjoy your snuggle

  6. I hope you are able to get that cat door problem fixed!

  7. Temps are dropping here poppy. And I have to say after this long hot summer I'm looking forward to snuggles with my books in bed
    Hope your mums friends with tools can help

  8. Yes, might the people that installed the cat flap best be called to fix it? If the hole is cut too tight and the frame is pressed in, the opening becomes a bit compressed and too tight for the flap to function properly.
    Keep warm, love.