Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The sunbeams came back for a while today which was nice.  I'm all about the relax at the moment.  Mum is adjusting to work hours again, she says that it is hard when the alarm goes off at 6.30am.


  1. I hope your sunbeams come back and stay awhile, Poppy - it seems like this summer has been rather dreary for you!

  2. Miawwwww! We found your blog again! Do you remember me? Lars? Proberly not , but I went away for a while, because my brother went to the bridge at only 4 months old and that made me and mom pretty sad. But we are back!We loved to read your blog and we are happy that we found you again! Maybe you can check out my new blog and meet my brother Odin? Or did you do that already...? Purrrrs Lars

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  4. I'm glad you're getting sunbeams, and we are again today, too! Record highs in the forecast for today (mid 50's Fahrenheit), but turning cooler later in the week. It doesn't seem to make my furry kids want to play outside more, except at night with the full moon!

  5. Poppy, it must be hard to change hours...isn't it nice being a Cat?

  6. I feel like leaping and jumping to gitchie you!! You're it!

  7. WE hope you have sunshine, soon. We finally got rain, nice and slow for the last four days We are ready for sunshine, too!

  8. Glorious sunbeams! Enjoy them while you can, pretty Poppy.