Saturday, May 30, 2015

Caturday Cat in Charge

Actually not many sunbeams here in the city today.  It was kind of cloudy and ready to rain, but mum liked this photo from this week of me chillaxing in the living room.  We are entering the last few days of autumn, with the start of winter on Monday so we are noticing the drops in temp.  The good thing is that rain and clouds mean the temperature is a little warmer.

I sent the mumster off to work this morning, and she said it was quite busy, she didn't get to sit round at all, and even though she started at 8am, she only got her lunch at 2pm, but it made the afternoon go quick.  Home just before the rain started.  Mum then fixed my feast - most important role of the day.  Then she made herself some wontons for dinner.  Not truly made them - masterchef way.  More like coat them in a little canola spray and put them in the airfryer.

Now a bit of relaxing for us ladies, and mum is keen to head to bed as she has a new book to start!!  Middle aged lady fun for a Caturday night!

Hope you are all having a fun Caturday - found something fun to do?  Eating something nice, doing some relaxing, meeting up with friends, out for a walk?  Whatever you do we hope you enjoy yourselves.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Friday Nite

We have talked all week about couch wars.  This is how it usually works.  Mum gets home and zooms straight into the kitchen to fix my feast, cos I have trained her this way.  Then she puts the groceries/work stuff away.  She usually fixes her dinner or a snack and sits down on my couch - in my spot.  So after dinner, I pace and sit by her feet and howl and cry for about 5 hours until she abandons my spot.  She then usually departs to her bedroom to post or read.  So I sit on the couch for 5 minutes then follow her.

So yippeee Friday night.  Mum filled herself up with chicken and salad, then followed it with pringles, diet coke and ice cream.  So now she feels a bit gross.  Back to the fruit and the salad tomorrow .  She has to work over the weekend, so will be busy busy.  Roll on Tuesday!!  (it is a long weekend here for Queenies birthday).  Hope you have had a lovely Friday too!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Scent of a Cat

So today mum started work at 7am early, which meant a 5am alarm clock call.  Last night was the first night all year that I have marched into the bedroom to sit on her all night.  So she slept well.

So she finished her work at 3pm, and to loosen up her hips and knees, that she says were all kinked up after sleeping in one position all night, mum went for a little old walk.  She wishes she had taken her camera, as the twilight light was just lovely, and the waves were high and the water full of surfers rugged up in thick winter wetsuits.

Mum went looking for slippers that she did not find in her size, so bought a hot water bottle for me she says (say what???), and a tshirt.  Then she got some groceries.  A little peri peri chicken for her with some potato salad for her and a feast was fixed for me.

While walking back along the beach a lovely little airdale terrier came running up to mum.  Mum gave him a pat and told him to go back to his mum.  His mum called out and said that he never goes to anyone - did mum know him.  Turns out mum knew his aunty who was there, but had never met him.  Then she asked if mum had a cat.  The thing is that he can sniff cat smells out from anywhere.  Mum thought she was the dog whisperer.  Turns out, I have imparted my scent on mum.  As soon as she got home, the jeans were going in the wash.  (all that hard work rubbing up against her, and I am just going to have to start all over again).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Keeping Cosy

It was a touch chilly in the city last night, with it hitting close to 1 deg C overnight.  For us that is cold, and although mum has kept the living area and bedroom warm, she feels like she is going to the Antarctic when she heads to the bathroom, as it is as cold in there as it is outside.  Tonight mum is on call and so she might sleep with her hoodie and scarf on, just in case she gets called into work.

This is me snuggles at my end of the couch, but as mum is writing this I am pacing the rug in front of her and giving her the evil eye waiting for her to vacate my seat on the couch.

I got the feast for my dinner.  The mumster - well she made a mince/pasta/tomato dish for her dinner.  There are lots of leftovers for her dinner or lunch tomorrow which is fine by her.  She loves leftovers, easy and cheap.  She bought her lunch today - two tiny sandwiches for $6.50 - twice the price of a whole loaf of bread.  There was also a nice morning tea at work to raise some money for Breast Cancer.  Lots of lovely pink cakes, so mum is all sweeted out.  Just a banana for supper tonight.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Couch Wars Continue

I am still trying to steal mums end of the couch.  She has made herself comfy with a warm blankie, and the minute she deserts her post I am on her seat snuggling in.  We are getting a wee blast of winter, but the heat pump is keeping things warm.  Mum was lucky and had the day off to relax today,  a wee sleep in and then she wrapped up warm to go and attend to some errands.  She made sure thought that she got home early, in time to feed me my feast, the most important chore of the day. While the computer looked lively, some bills were paid.  Oh it is the wild life we are living.


Awww these computer woes are annoying mum.  It locked up again tonight, causing us to post too late.  We missed Sunday - hello Monday!!

It was a fine and sunny Sunday here in the city.  The sky was lovely and blue after an initial shower in the morning.  Mum got more washing done and then hit the streets to meet her lovely niece and her friend, and her friends and their children for yum cha.  It was delicious and filling, and so a wander was in order.  It was also nice to walk about and soak up the sun, as our place doesn't get much afternoon sun at this time of year.

Mum was home by 3pm, and caught up on a few shows.  She cooked a Thai Chicken green curry for her tea, and made phone calls to the family.  I got a feast and played a bit of couch wars, as she has stuck a nice woolly blankie on her end of the couch and I do love it so.

Some cold wintry weather arrived this evening, so mum has been glad to leave the couch and now is about to curl up in her cosy bed.  Nite nite everybuddy.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Caturday Spaz

Mum was wondering if "spaz" was a kiwi term - sort of like throwing a hissy fit, describes it well enough.  It wasn't her spazzing out, and as you can see in the photo I am cool as a cucumber, even if I am lying in the compost patch soaking up the Caturday sunbeams.    Alas our little laptop is sending signals that it is soon for hospice care, going to the great E dump in the sky.  It went all loopy and would not switch on, and mum had to plead with it for thirty minutes before it finally loaded anything.

Caturday at our little Chez was pretty good.  A leisurely sleep in, and then mum got some washing done and sheets out on the line.  It was cloudy and a cool 12 deg C, but enough to get them dry over 7 hours outside.  She then headed out to meet a bestie, so that they could eat a yummy lunch and moan about having to go  to work.  Then she forgot to get a lotto ticket, so I guess she will be working this week anyway.

A wander round the shops window shopping, then mum popped into the library, but had forgotten her card so couldn't take out anything or pay her fines.  So home for tea - a feast for me, and baked beans on toast for her.

The autumn chill is creeping in, as a large Southerly Antarctic chill climbs up our little country, so all the quilts are piled up on the bed.  I am still camping in the lounge, but mum knows that this will soon change as the temperatures are dropping.  So now as it nears midnight, mum has her book at the ready and is enjoying the fresh winter sheets on the bed.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday with lots of fun!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Feast Fixing

Mum got home real late tonight, so she was fixing me my feast for dinner at round 8pm.  She has been so tired, that last night she closed her eyes on the couch after dinner, and then woke up with a fright as she was dreaming that she had woken up late in the morning, missing the start of work.  The annoying thing is she is tired between 5pm -7pm and then wide awake til midnight, so sleep for her often occurs between 1am-6am.

So today was up at 6am.  A full and busy day at work finishing late and then off to have some drinks for a girl that was leaving.  Mum was exhausted and the bar was busy, so standing up for another two hours just about did her in.  She only drinks a lemon/lime/bitters drink, so she didn't feel tipsy, but was glad to come home to eat some dumplings and give me a pat.  Now time to post and off to bed, and luckily she doesn't have to get up until 8am tomorrow morning.

Hope you all had a fabulous Friday and are ready for the weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Campbell Live Fangirl

Mum is sad tonight.  One of her favourite shows on New Zealand TV is Campbell Live a current affairs news programme on channel 3 that has played for 17 years and tonight they have announced that it is to come to an end.  It has been good at showing good average kiwi stories about real people, and done with a great sense of humour and honesty.  They have been the champion of the underdog and chased good causes, including putting food in schools for hungry kids and fighting for those who are still suffering in Christchurch after the earthquakes of a few years ago.

One of mums most fave stories was the one where they showed these fabulous dogs from the SPCA.  It was part of their campaign to teach people that shelter dogs were smart.   A NZ dog trainer took 3 shelter dogs and trained them all to drive a mini car.  Awesome.

Such a shame to lose a quality programme with a great team.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fresh Green

Our little upstairs neighbour has the green fingers - something my mum definitely doesn't have.  There are lots of fresh green things growing, the fennel is particularly spectacular.  All the rain and sunshine we have had lately has made everything grow like crazy lately.

Mum worked another busy shift tonight - so she is trying a little relaxing before heading to bed.  She fixed my feast and talked to me, so I sat on her knee and purred for ten minutes.  Lovely.

Monday, May 18, 2015


This is my guard spot on the couch - down this end.  My day begins and ends here, although I did venture in to snuggle with mum for 5 minutes last night, I still returned to sleep on my nest here at the end of the couch.

I am sending mum off to work this evening - so I am in charge of the house til she gets home again.  Luckily we have had the morning together, which has been warm and breezy, and she even got some clothes out on the line blowing around, with windows and doors open.  Lovely.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Slow Sunday

Mum was so pleased to be able to have two days over the weekend.  She did wake up at 8am, and as the clouds were shifting about she decided to head off for a walk and then go and see an early morning movie.  Two in a weekend - what a luxury.  She went and saw Testament of Youth which she thought was lovely, although sad, as most WWI movies are.  She was surprised to see another 5 people there, all with the same idea.

After more window shopping, a quick return home, reading her book, having a nap, ring the family,  watch some tele, wash some clothes, do some tidying and relax before bed again.  Me - I have snoozed slowly all day barely leaving my end of the couch.

Hope you all got plenty of relaxing done too.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Autumnal Caturday

It's the end of Caturday here kitties and peoples.  Our day had a bit of autumn chill to it, but the breeze was blowing and some blue skies peeked between the clouds teasing us.  I rolled around on the rug and then went and explored in the garden for a while.

Mum got up at a leisurely pace, had a shower and got herself dressed before wandering into town.  One of her besties had a friend visiting, so the three girls went and had lunch at a cafe with a brunch menu.  Mum had ribs, which were delicious and served with fresh slaw and chutney - yummmmm!!  She then went and watched an awesome band who were busking.  They were four young fellows, 3 playing brass instruments including a fabulous tuba, and another on drums.  They played Royals and Fireworks, and amused all the shoppers in town.

After some window shopping, mum caught a bus to Petone to catch up with another Bestie.  They went for  a walk and then popped into the local pub for a lemon lime and bitters drink and a chat.  Then off to the cinema to see A Royal Night Out, which the girls thought was rather sweet.  Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret get to escape the palace for one night on VE night for a little bit of fun incognito.

After the movies it was time for a bit of Asian spicy noodles and a catch up, before mum headed back into town.  She stopped off at the supermarket on the way home (she has been every day for six days in a row), for a Saturday paper and toilet paper.  Home to fix the feast for me, then she caught up on this weeks Big Bang Theory and Grand Designs - oh Kevin we love to watch you mix concrete in your jaunty scarf.

So friends - hope you all have had some fun today!!  Caught some mice or lazed in the sunbeams!  Have a fun Caturday wherever you are!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Friday Night In

It is wild and woolly outside - southerly breezes are blowing and buffeting the house, but we are tucked up inside.  Mum made her dinner, and fixed me a feast.  She is then chilling on the couch contemplating doing some washing before putting the electric blanket on and crawling into the bed with her book.  It might even be time to put the last layer of the winter bed on, by spreading out the large fleece blanket to keep us warm and toasty.

She has plans for her Caturday so is glad to be just relaxing with me at home tonight.  She thinks couch wars are over, as I seem quite happy down my end on my blankie.

Hope you all have a relaxing Friday night planned.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


After a long dry summer, the end of autumn has been rather wet.  We had a day last week, where the rain was so thick and hard, mum hadn't seen it pour like that in years.  Then this week, there was thunder and lightening and it had not stopped raining for three days.  Wearing her jacket this morning, the wind held off enough that mum could take her umbrella, so she quite enjoyed her little stroll in.  The persistent rain though was causing problems in our city with lots of flooding and roads being closed by slips, with many of her colleagues faced with long commutes home or having to stay in town.  We also have a lot of rain forecast for the weekend.  Luckily where we are we are not affected, as we are on the side of a rather secure hill, and do not get flooded in.

I had spent the week fighting with mum.  You see I wanted her spot on the couch.  Each time she left, I jumped up and then growled at her when she made me move.  She made sure the other end of the couch was clear - but I did not want that end.  I wanted her spot.  She put a nice fleecy blankie at that end.  I did not want that end.  Til last night.  Then I moved to the other end of the couch.  And I stayed all evening.  Then I stayed all night, and all tonight.  So mum is happy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Double Scratcher

Mum found my other scratcher while she was digging through the winter clothes.  So now I have two to choose from, and I do love to sit on them, and usually when mum arrives home she finds me perched here.

We had a crazy thunder/lightening/rain storm from midnight last night to midday today, so the garden won't need watering for a long long time.  Just what the farmrers may have needed.  Instead of staying inside last night when it started I ran outside, and it was a good half an hour before I ran back inside.  I was glad to be able to sleep up on mums bed for the rest of the night.  She has glad that she washed the merino jumpers at the weekend, as it has a touch of winter starting as the evenings are getting cooler.

Prince Harry had been charming them down in Christchurch, and stopping to visit with lots of the public.  Tomorrow he visits our army base to meet and greet some of our forces.  They are also going to teach him a haka - so I am sure that will be all over the news (a haka is a Maori war dance).

Poor Nepal - we heard that there was another large earthquake tonight.  Poor people.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Monday

Mum says it was so nice to have a day off after a long stretch at work.  Us too had a little lie in this morning which was good, as the rain was coming down.  So a leisurely brunch on the couch for her and then mum went off for a walk to get some supplies.  She was having Miss Belle for dinner.  This is her as a wee lass, with her fab outfit, as her and mum were off to the movies.  Mum and Miss Belle had butter chicken with rice and veg for dinner and some fresh pineapple.  They sat on the couch and shared some old family photos, that made the girls smile.

Today our news was filled with some good news stories.

  • Prince Harry went to Stewart Island yesterday, the most Southern part of New Zealand.  Population 381.  Most of the island go to the pub on Sunday night, so his team the Ginger Ninjas played and they came second!  He also went to the primary school (24 students), where the kids got to ask him some awesome questions.  We all like Prince Harry - sadly Miss Belle didn't line up to meet him (or kiss him), so he won't be joining the family anytime soon.
  • After a fun run through the bush yesterday, a young mum of two was missing and search parties were out last night and this morning.  She was found this morning, and spent the night with earth piled up on her and drunk her own breast milk!!
  • Thames is now the most famous dog in New Zealand.  A police dog, he was out with his handler on a search and rescue practice in the heavy bush, when they got separated and they were unable to find him.  Constable Mike spent two more nights in the bush searching for him, and  lots of people volunteered to search without any luck.   Over the weekend, more people joined in for the final searches when one of the police came across some large paw prints, and they found him.  After a week lost he was a bit skinny but managed the four hour walk out.
The news has been doom and gloom for so long, we all welcome some good news stories with happy endings for everyone.  Hope you all have a nice Monday too.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fix the Feast

Mum went out early this morning to work, and got home about 9.30pm.  There were two biscuits left in my bowl and I was hungry!!!  So the first thing mum does when she gets in the door, is drop the bags and then fix the feast.  A girls got to eat you know.

So now - to bed to get more rest.