Thursday, July 30, 2015

Square Eyes

Mum likes movies - I like movies too!!  Ones with duckies, mice or cats are my favourites.  How about you - what do you like to watch?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bargain Tuesday

Mum and I have been chilling out.  Mum made herself go on a walk home tonight, past the Warehouse, our local discount store.  She was in need of a pasta pot, as hers are all a bit small for the spaghetti.  Luckily it was half price pot night, so the pot that was already reduced from $50 to $25, well she scored it for $12, and a pair of curtains for $30 another 75% off bargain.  So she came home to make some nice and easy spaghetti pasta, she cooked the pasta and then heated some chilli flakes and garlic with olive oil.  She then tipped the pasta back in with a bunch of chopped parsley, some salt and pepper and parmesan cheese.  A yummy cheesy pasta carb feast.  Don't you love a bargain?

Me - I am happy with my tinned food.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mddle Aged Mumster Big Monday Day Out

Aww lucky old mum has a few days off that coincide with the capital cities International Film Festival.  So the alarm is switched from the usual 6am start to a later hour, and the uniform is tucked away with casual clothes cleaned all ready to go.  Oh and because she is tight with the funds and won't pay crazy cinema prices,  a plastic container with some snack crackers was packed into her handbag. She also had some spare time and dashed into a little gift shop she hasn't visited in ages and managed to try on some perfume that made her smell like an old ladies linen drawer all day.  Then off to the movies!!

The first movie was an amazing documentary called Sherpa - about the Sherpas working on Mt Everest assisting the climbing teams who are trying to make an assault on this beautiful mountain.  The scenery was spectacular, giving you views of the mountain that I had never seen before.  It was a compelling insight into the vast money making industry the mountain climbing had become, giving the government a large amount of money and providing wages and jobs for the people of Nepal.  But dangerous, oh my goodness what they went through was scary, climbing over steep dangerous areas of ice in the dark on flimsy ladders, carrying gear the size of a fridge.  A big mumster 5/5.

Then mum went to see a movie called Phoenix - a German story about a woman who after leaving the camps, seeks out her husband.  After severe facial injuries, he doesn't recognize her but thinks she will be a convincing fill in, to make the bank believe she has returned to get access to her money.  All a big odd, as surely you would think he would have figured it out.  I wasn't convinced, and must admit to nodding off at several points during the movie.  So a sleepy 2/5

Mum then was going to meet a bestie for the last movie, so they dashed to a restaurant for a quick lemon/lime/bitters, some summer rolls, chicken satays and wontons.  A quick toilet stop and then back to the cinema for number 3.  This one was a documentary about Peggy Guggenheim and her life as an art collector.  What a fabulous eccentric lady she was especially as she got older.  Born to parents who came from wealthy families, her life was changed by the tragedy surrounding her.  Her father died on the titanic when she was just 13, leading to her having a breakdown as a teenager.  One sister died in childbirth and the other lost the plot entirely. As a young woman she headed to London where she set up first an influential art gallery then a museum, before heading to Paris before the second world war to hunt down modern art, which is a big nerve racking when you are a Jewish woman working alone.  Heading back to New York, she exhibits more of her modern art and becomes ensconced in the art scene.  Releasing a rather racy autobiography describing her many lovers leads her to leave in the 1950s and head to Venice where she again opens another museum of modern art.  An entertaining 4/5.

Then - just when you might think the evening was over oh no it wasn't, mum headed off to the supermarket to get some supplies for the week ahead and lots of biscuits for me.  Oh yeah!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I like a good head rub every now and then.  We were lucky and had a glorious sleep in again this morning.  There isn't anything better than sleeping in a bed with fresh sheets on it, and mum slept super well.

She then took herself off for a wee walk into town to enjoy the fresh air.  She met her favourite little family for a little walk around and lunch out.  They ate some tasty food and enjoyed some sausage rolls that had a tasty bit of meat and some mashed potato between the meat and pastry, that mum enjoyed although they were almost too huge for mum to eat, she managed to chow down and finish it.

By the late afternoon, the rain set in so mum headed home, and relaxed and gave me some more pats.  A bit of book reading and a nap were in order.  Evening came and mum had a light dinner, rang her family and did a bit of blog reading and tv watching.   I tucked myself off to sleep on my blankie at 7pm, and now at 11pm it is time for mum to come and join me.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday too and got lots of pats.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Evening Out Caturday

The mumster was super pleased this morning to have the alarm clock not go off at 6am as usual, but gave herself a leisurely sleep in to a more reasonable 8am.  A breakfast of toast on the couch and then some chores were done, some dishes and washing.   The weather felt a little like spring this morning, so the doors and windows were opened while the pottering about happened.

The mumster then went out and met with four of her school friends, two of whom she had not seen in two or so years.  As usual though, there was lots of laughter and they enjoyed catching up, over a very tasty meal.  They liked it so much, that they even planned a road trip in a year or so to a school reunion.

Me - I was glad to get my mum home at 11pm for some dinner.  So now I am sitting beside her telling her that the time for bed has come.  Oh and she better go and buy some more biscuits for me tomorrow, cos we have run out.

Hope you all have a lovely Caturday my lovelies.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Last night at one of the talks mum went to, was sponsored by Phillips as they produce a range of health care items.  One of mums friends was giving a talk, and he sat next to mum for a while.  They then moved him to the aisle seat so he could get up onto the stage quickly.  After his entertaining talk, they gave him a gift of one of these fabulous toothbrushes as a thank you gift, and then they said there was a floor prize.  If you looked under your seat there would be one chair with a business card under it.

Mum searched her chair, and found nothing, but they couldn't figure out who had one.  The guy who hid it then pointe to mums row.  Turns out her shorty arms couldn't reach under far enough, and she won the prize.  The funniest thing was because her friend had been sitting there he may have ended up with the two toothbrushes.

Yippee for mum - it has been ages since she won anything, so she was very lucky.  Better buy a lotto ticket, she might be really lucky this weekend.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tired Thursday

The mumster had a loooong old day today.  Up at 6, work at 8, off to town at 1pm, Lectures/Meeting at 2pm, a bite to eat at 6pm, Lectures/Meeting at 7pm, back home at 9.30pm and then dinner for me!!

How are you kitty cats?  It is almost the weekend and boy we are glad to get some sleep ins.  Hope you are all ready for the end of the week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


How is your week going friends?  Are you feeling the glow?  Got some sunbeams or like us are you having to enjoy some artificial warmth at the moment?  Actually we got a bit of sunshine today before it got chilly and wet this afternoon.  Mum is counting down the hours til Friday when she gets a few days off to chill out.  In the meantime she has three busy days of work to get through.  Thursday is a long day.  Starting at 8am she has to work the morning, then go to an afternoon series of talks, then rush off to a couple in the evening. 

After feeling poorly yesterday she felt better today, but was exhausted.  So no Greys Anatomy tonight, she will record it and watch at the weekend.  Tonight she has promised herself to be in bed by 10pm - which she thinks about every night, but her body clock often has her falling asleep just after midnight.  She can usually cope with 6 hours sleep a night, but every so often it catches up with her.

Mums work colleagues were very  kind about her haircut.  They were nice and complimentary, even the boys said nice things to her which made her feel better.  Mum is getting used to it, and it is nice for her to have a change. Like every haircut she has had it is always a bit awkward for the first couple of weeks, and really good for the next couple.  She must say the boys were shocked to hear that for a ladies cut/foils/colour girls on average pay $200 compared to a mans haircut of $20.  Luckily mum is a pretty low maintenance type of girl and doesn't spend a lot on beauty products

Me - I spend nothing on beauty!! My tongue comes for free!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sleepy Monday

I got lots of sleeps today, the mumster not so much.  She was excited at the prospect of having her day off work after a busy weekend.  So heading to bed, she had all kinds of plans for today.  Instead she was woken by a strong headache at 4am, and even though she popped some pain pills, that was it, sleep was over.  So  mum got up but felt sluggish all day.  She dragged herself to the supermarket and then came home and took an afternoon nap.

Luckily she had lots of tv/movies on the dvr to catch up with, and she took it easy at home.  I liked that, as normally she leaves me at home and zooms around doing stuff.  We got to spend the day together relaxing - awesome.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


I have been chilling out here at the Q palace.  I sent the mumster off to work and she didn't come back for 11 hours.  So I had my dinner at 9pm and she got hers a bit later.  She enjoyed a pork chop, some hash browns and some carrots and broccoli.  I enjoyed my new dine foods, the chicken was super tasty.

So the temperatures are dropping again, so us girls are off to snuggle up.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Foods Caturday

Some of my friends were enquiring about what new foods had been enticing me to clean my plate.  I haven't ditched the feast just yet, cos mum knows that as soon as she stocks up on the new stuff - I will stop eating it.  So I have been trying some Dine.   I ate the chicken one last night and enjoyed it, but only ate 3/4 of my beef one tonight, but that is still a good effort.

Mum says her day at work went well today, but she was glad that it finally finished at 10:30pm (she started at 9am).  Home to watch a bit of telly and gobble down lots of snack food, before heading to bed with her book. I have been very vocal about her coming to bed soon - as I want my snuggle.

Have a great Caturday everybuddy!!  Have some fun!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Finally Friday

Friday night is finally here.  Time for the mumster to pop the uniform in the washing machine and get busy doing some chores.  She has to work over the weekend, so it is always good to get some jobs out of the way.  Also in the winter it takes several days for her uniform to dry out and be ready for next weeks work.

Dinner was easy.  I didn't even get a feast for my dinner.  Mum tried me on a new brand, and I gobbled it up which is unusual for me.  Mum knows though not to count her chickens, as she may try it again tomorrow and I might turn my nose up at it.  She enjoyed her dinner too.  Something easy, just some parmesan/basil/herb oven fries with some sour cream.  Then she had some kiwifruit - mmm tasty she said.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday too my friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hmmm - mums face tonight looks a little like mine did last night.  You see her hairdresser of two years left the local salon, so mum got passed onto the new hairdresser who has been at the salon for a week.   Mum told her that she was growing her hair, she wanted the colour evened out, and wanted the sides more even.  Somehow that translated into the back cut real short (about 3 inches long), the colour much the same and the sides almost chopped off.  Mum also likes to dry her hair straightish and the hairdresser wanted to dry it curly.  Mum did like her new hairdresser, she seemed like a nice girl, but maybe having the last appointment of the day is a bad idea. 

Anyway it really is a first world problem and mums hair grows really fast.  Next time mum will be clear on her explanation.

Oh I have a new fun thing to do.  About 10pm I start coming into the living room to talk to mum.  I Meow at her, and if she ignores me I scratch her couch, which gets her attention.  What I want, is for her to come to bed so I can get under the covers and climb on her leg to sleep.  I only stay there for 10 minutes, before I have to come up for air and then return to the end of my bed and my blankie.  Awesome.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Southern Lights

This beautiful picture was on our local news site tonight.  Southern lights (Aurora Australis) were captured in the Wairarapa on Monday night by photographer Grant Sheehan.  Rarely seen this far north, solar storms whipped up the perfect view.  Too cold for me and the mumster to be out and about though, we prefer to be tucked up at home when the temperatures dip to freezing.

Oh and to our Canadian friends, we hear you are having too much fun on the barbeques this summer and lots of your forests have lit up on fire.  Don't worry, the NZ crews are on the way to help your teams out.  It may be only 16 fire fighters, so I don't think all of your teams can take the weekend off, but we hope some help is useful. 

Monday, July 13, 2015


Scuse us having lots of similar photos at the moment.  Being mid winter, it is dark when mum goes to work and usually dark when she gets home.  So she tries to nab lots of photos at the weekend, and the best light is often in the bedroom.  Often I tolerate them in there, so she has quite a few this week of me on the bed.  The mumster does spend a lot of time trying to get me look at the camera, as I do try and close my eyes and turn my head. 

The working week has started, and mum was super lazy this morning, staying in bed 10 minutes longer than usual, and so didn't have time to make herself  her usual homemade lunch.  She bought some at work, that was carb heavy, expensive and not particularly tasty, so she must do better tomorrow.  She always has yoghurt and fruit available to take, and often some leftovers.  The cafĂ© at work often has long lines and surly service with expensive prices, a wonder that they make money but they pretty much are the only place available to staff and patients, and with a half hour break we don't have time to wander off to buy lunch at other places. 

Hope you have all had a good beginning to your working weeks.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Satisfaction

There was some Sunday satisfaction here at chez Q today:
  • A sleep in after a bad nights sleep for the mumster (a head ache woke her up during the night)
  • Sunshine after a rainy night
  • A leisurely lunch of soup and toast for the mumster
  • A walk into town
  • Finding a new black tshirt just like mums fave that she has had for about 5 years and wears weekly and it still looks good (viscose and elastane mix keeps it fresh)
  • A tasty dinner for her of stir fry veg and noodles
  • A big old fancy feast for me
  • Family Phone call night
  • Bed

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Awww Caturday today we loved you.  We slept in, mum did a few chores then went for a walk to meet a bestie for some lunch.  The girls then did some window shopping for a few hours, then mum came home to me.  An easy dinner of a feast for me and soup and toast for her.  A quiet evening,and then a snuggle and bedtime.  Perfect.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.