Thursday, October 2, 2014


So yesterday was a day of big adventure for me.  Mum had to starve me from 9pm on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday morning when she got up I was really really hungry and begging her for biscuits.  At about 7am she had to do the old catch and grab to put me into my cat cage, and I saw the look in her eyes so she had one chance and she grabbed it.  We then caught a taxi into town to wait for a friend who dropped us off at the Vet Hospital.

I had to go there to have an echocardiogram and an echo ultrasound of my heart, cos when I saw the vet last week I got diagnosed with an arrhythmia.    The vet hospital is quite intense and busy, so your mum has to leave you at the front desk for the whole day.  The day started off chilly, but turned glorious and sunny, so mum had the day off to wander around and took herself out for  a cheap lunch and lots of window shopping.

She came back at 5pm to pick me up and saw the vet for 5 minutes.  They had not discovered any reason for my arrhythmia which was good, and there is no treatment, which mum was relieved about, as she knew I would hate having to take any pills or medicine.  I was pretty distressed at the hospital, as there were noisy barky dogs in the next room and I had been given some sedation for the procedures,  and I needed a cuddle straight away.  I cried most of the way home, which isn't like me and as soon as I got home, I wanted my biscuits and then went and curled up on the back of the little chair, which is my new sleepy spot, and I have been spending the next day and night snoozing there.  I am slowly recovering and getting back to normal.

So we will have to see what our vet says, and hopefully it will be of no consequence.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Crazy House Prices in NZ (Do you feel like a laugh)

 Just to let you know how crazy house prices are getting in NZ.  This house has been listed in Auckland, in Grey Lynn. It has two small bedrooms.  It has no electricity or running water.
 This is the kitchen.  Looks hygenic!!
 Lovely bathroom.
Delightful living room.  Apparently all the floor boards are rotten.  It comes with built in rodent droppings too.

Now we get that some developer will tear the house down and put up some tiny hipster dwelling for a couple of up and coming professionals.

Want to guess what they think it will make at auction?

Yes it should get upwards on 1 million kiwi dollars !!!
Thats $778,000 USD, or 478,000 pounds sterling.


Monday, September 29, 2014

True Love

Mum bought a new make up brush.  I LOVES it.  It tastes good and makes me uber excited.  She has had to hide it from me, but is on the look out for one of my own!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Purring for our Friend Flynn

Our buddy Flynn is feeling poorly.  He has been sick and is off is food and can't get comfortable, and his mum and dad are very worried.   We love you Flynn, and hope that you feel better real soon and get some nice healing sleep.

Kisses from across the oceans xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Caturday Caress

Mum had to leave me alone for most of Caturday as she had to go to work to earn some dollars, dollars to pay for all of my vet visits.  But that is ok - she loves me and knows it is all for the best, so she doesn't mind.   This morning was glorious and sunny, so we got to have a little time together before she came home in the rain.  She got soaked too as she hadn't taken her jacket or umbrella, luckily it is not too far to walk home and the spring rain was warm and refreshing.  

Me - well I chilled on my new scratcher and then reclined in my new apartment.  Ahhh - life is good!!

Friday, September 26, 2014


I love my new scratcher/recliner, the purrfect place to curl up in the living room while mum is keeping busy.  Mum was on call last night, a favour she happily took on, so that she could pay for my doctors bills.  She got to have a bit of a lie in this morning, and didn't have to go to work til the afternoon, which was nice.  So dishes and washing got done.

Mum popped into work for a few hours and then went to leaving drinks for one of her colleagues, but was good and only had a lemon lime and bitters (her favourite drink), before hitting the supermarket then heading home.  Dinner was a spicy pork and veg noodle dish.  Mum got some new strong chilli, that she hasn't quite finished figuring out yet.  Maybe just a little pinch next time - this ones a burner!!

Enjoy your Friday - see you on Caturday!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Apartment

I have moved into my new apartment.  It is cosy with a small well ventilated room.  Carpeting and underfloor self heating, it is sure to provide you with a good quiet night sleep.  With a central view of the main living room, television, mum and cat door, you are going to enjoy being close to all the action.  Rent is nominal and eating and toileting facilities are close by.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


 Today I got kidnapped and taken to the V*E*T.  You see mum has this plan to go and visit with her family in a few weeks, and had to make sure my vaccinations were up to date so that I could go to the cattery.  So a simple visit was booked.   Then it turned complicated.  You see, my eye was a tiny bit weepy so I had to get some green stain which was quick and easy and my eyes are ok.  Then doctor Eve gave me my vaccination, and she listened to my heart and checked my teeth.  Turns out I need to get my teeth Hollywood cleaned, and I has a little Arrhythmia, which makes it all a bit complicated.  So I have to go and see the special vets at the vet hospital to get an ultrasound of my heart and ECG done.  Awesome.

Then I had to have a blood test, to have a check up as well.  Dr Eve emailed mum later and said it appears my liver is ok, but my kidney levels are borderline.  Sigh.   So when I get to see the special vet they have to squeeze some urine out of me.  Good luck buddy.

Also - Dr Eve said I was not kinda skinny and have to have diet biscuits.  Luckily they had run out, so mum gave me a day off, but has to go back to pick some up tomorrow.    I also  got a butt shave - luckily Brazilians are in for the summertime!!
The good news is I got this awesome scratcher for being such a good girl, and mum says I am in a cheerful mood considering.  And big suprise, I have spent the evening climbing in and out of my cat cage and are camped in there for the night.

So mum is about $300 poorer so far and is glad that she is busy at work to pay for all of my doctors bills.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Crazy Eyes

Mum just about wet her fur trimmed trousers this morning when she got this shot of me making the crazy eyes at her.  You see she finally finished the night shifts this morning.  She stopped off at the supermarket and got home by 8am.  The weather has been distinctly stormy today, so it was a good day to hunker down.  Mum camped on the couch and put Dantes Peak on to watch and was asleep within five minutes of it starting, so we had a little snooze fest on the couch.  She didn't want to sleep too long, as she is going to try to go to bed tonight.  That for her is the hardest part about night shift, is getting back into a normal sleep pattern.

So with the wind blowing hard outside, the heaters are turned on like a winters evening.  We have full bellys, mine full of fancy feast and mum cooked herself a little bit of steak with carrots and sweet corn, as it was time to have more fruit and vegetables.  Mum has eaten too many carbs in her week of evening and night shifts and wants to get back into the healthy stuff.  The latest Lee Child novel is waiting to be finished so we might both curl up under the covers soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

6pm Visitor

Every night just after 6pm this same little bird pops onto our fence on his way home to his nest.  It makes mum smile to see him there, and sometimes I race outside to see if he would fall off and I could eat him.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


The mumster worked the old night shift last night.  The first half was horrendous - the second calmed down and was quite pleasant.  So she slept all day and I enjoyed snoozing with her.  So tonight when most middle aged ladies are heading to bed, mum has to head out to work again.

She bought these sandals online to try out, and although they looked cute and I loved them, mum did not like them enough so sent them back (with a bit of cat fur on them).  She will use the money instead to buy some yearly Birkenstocks - her favourite summer sandals.  She is a bit annoyed they have become trendy this year, as she liked being the only one wearing them.  She is shocked at the thought of getting her pale pasty legs out though after months of tights and winter shoes.

Hope you all had a good Caturday and did something fun.  Smooches xxxx

Friday, September 19, 2014

Window Seat

Mum put my woolly blanket next to the window in her room here so that I could take in the view when we moved in here.  Then the landlords built out a little bay window and now no view, but I get a bit of sunlight and warmth so now spring has come, it is a good place to have a snooze.

Thanks for all the nice comments under yesterdays post.  The old house we lived in was lovely and our favourite of any of the places we have lived.  It used to worry mum that there was a turning spot right outside and the rubbish truck was a tight fit.  They think he just hit the gas a bit too hard, and then hit the house and the gas pipes, so a bit of a drama.  Nobody was home, and the house had just undergone renovations, so now they have to get repairs done which will take some time we imagine.

Mum had a chance today and get out and have a walk.  She did some chores, took the library book back, and voted at the library - there were big long lines.  Tomorrow is our general election and most of us will be glad when it is over, as it has been boring and dominated the news for months.  A visit to the post office, bank and supermarket rounded out an afternoon of pottering round for mum.  Of course as soon as she got home there were more bills in the letter box - typical!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ohh ohh

Mum was sitting here thinking what to write about when she checked the news.  Look at what happened at our old house this morning!!!  The rubbish truck backed up right into the bedroom of our old house, crashing into the fence, the room we used to sleep in and caused a gas leak.  Luckily the wee family were ok and nobody was hurt as they have two small daughters who usually sleep in that bedroom, and if we were still living there, that where that crashed frame is would be right where me and mum would have been asleep at 7am when the truck comes.

So mum might buy  a lucky lotto ticket on the way to work today!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Working Hard

Now mum is telling me that she has a punishing work schedule this week, and we may have to skip a post or two, as time at home is at a premium.  Now don't be worrying - I'll still be getting my 23 hours of snoozing in, it just might be mum that will be light on the sleep.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Afternoon Bathroom Snoozing

Mum was on her way t work this afternoon, when she found me snoozing in the bathroom on the bathmat.  You see the afternoon sun peeks in through the window and makes it a nice spot to keep warm and sleep.  Of course I had to roll around and show off while she took the photos, but when she left two minutes later I was all curled up and asleep again.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Easy Sunday

Mum and I snoozed into Sunday this morning.  I let her head out and visit with a friend for a tasty lunch and she went for an afternoon nap, but all that fresh air made her come home and have a nap with me.  Leftovers for dinner and then an evening of family phone calls.  Me - I kept her bed warm and full of fur - perfect.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy Caturday!!

Happy Caturday my catster friends.  Hope you got some relaxing done or planned if it is early in the day for yoo!!   The mumster did intend to head out and hit the streets to do some wandering today, but it was cloudy and gloomy and her book needed finishing!!!  She also left her hair and face el naturale so she said it was nice to get the chores done, make some eggs on toast for lunch and chill out with me.  She made chilli last night, and said her new chilli flakes are a bit stronger than the old brand, but it is good to clean out the pipes!!!

Today there was a big rugby match in town, so mum thought it would be best to avoid the crowds, so she might get some things done tomorrow or maybe not.  She says it is good not to spend any money if she can avoid it, and she is a bit sick of the same old stuff in town.  With the weather warming up, she will now be able to wander a bit further afield and take in the fresh air.  Me - I'm happy at home.

Enjoy your Caturday furrieds - do something to make you smile.