Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Typical Tuesday

Today was another typical Tuesday.  Well better than usual, cos mum had a late start which meant us girls could laze about on the bed.  We took it easy, and as mum had to start work at midday she had her soup and bagel at 10:30 am with me.  Then she headed out the door, and made it back just after 8pm.  Reheated leftover chicken/veg and noodes for her and a feast for me.

 Now some quick jobs are done before Greys Anatomy is on.  Mum is back to watching it again although she finds it super annoying.  Real doctors don't spend all their time whining or moaning about their relationships, especially in front of patients.  Still - we know it is all make believe.

Hope you all have had a good Tuesday - typical or not.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mini Me or Mini You Monday

 Mum was looking on ETSY and she found these fabulous felines made by Olga Mareeva in Montenego.
                                          Such honeys, they remind me of many of my friends.
                           Please visit her little shop to check out all the wee cuties that she has hand made.

                                  Thanks Olga for giving us permission to show the pictures on the blog.
                                        We love the whole gang.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March

Hello March - we welcomed you in today with a lovely late summers day, all hot and sticky, mum was feeling the hots and had to come and lay down and rest this afternoon.  Me - well I have been camped on the little chair lately and mum gave me the bathmat to snuggle into.  I loves it!!!

Mum took her niece out this afternoon for a wander round which they enjoyed, and she has had a nice relaxing weekend.  All ready for the week ahead!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Mum tried to get up early and potter round in her dressing gown today, but the painters were back.  Finally we think, although there is still building work to be done on the front of the house.  We are over it.  It has been a long six weeks of disruptions, and mum finds it hard when their noise keeps her awake, balancing home renos and shift work is difficult.

So mum did finally arise and do some washing , as the breeze was blowing and the sun was shining so perfect to dry the sheets and clothes.  She then went into town for a wander, and then off to visit a bestie for a lovely dinner, pork belly with salad and a potato gratin.  Then caramalised fruits and vanilla ice cream.  I patiently waited at home for my feast - yum yum.

Hope you all had a fun day and got to see some sun shining.

Friday, February 27, 2015

TGIF Late Night

Mum had a late night last night courtesy of the call in work phone.  She managed 1 and a half hours sleep between call ins and a couple this morning.

She went to work for a couple of hours and then off to a dinner, as a friend from work was leaving.  She stopped off and got some groceries on the way home as the feast is on special, then she headed home to give me my feast.  So now I am snoozing again.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday too.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekend Eve

Us girls are hanging out for the weekend?  You too?   We are a bit tired, but mum has one night of call and then a day at work to get through before the weekend begins.  That means about 100 hours of snoozing for me!!

We have had a good week.  Mum has got to take Miss Belle out for dinner twice and to the supermarket for essential student supplies.  She seems to be settling in well, and her hostel is good at getting all the new first years to meet and mingle.  She did laugh, as her niece told her about the girls on her floor who don't know how to wash their clothes, as obviously their mums had done everything for them, and another girl who didn't know what things cost as daddy had always paid.  Luckily Miss Belle is very sensible and has moved out of home with lots of life skills.

So it looks like mum will have a nice social few weeks ahead.  As long as she is able to pop home and play with me.  I do love this brush and like to be brushed all over my face and in my ears.  I am a lucky lucky girl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Looking Down From Space

The astronauts managed to get a pretty picture over our lovely county recently.  We live in Wellington, at the bottom of the North Island.  They admitted to not usually getting nice pictures of NZ, as it is often bathed in clouds, and it is usually when they are asleep.  See what they're missing!!

So mum saw Miss Belle last night and she was having fun at Uni.  Mum met up with her and took her to dinner and gave her all the supplies she needed.  Tonight they are having their toga party, which sounds like fun for the young ones.

Mum is enjoying the prospect of an early night and the fact that the painters said they would be finished tomorrow.  That sounds like fun for the oldies.   Mum says us girls will enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

So - looking from space makes all of our problems seem small and insignificant doesn't it?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hairy Hipster

Beard                             VS                       Manbun

While the family were here in the little capital city of New Zealand, we invented a little game.  The hairy hipster is easy.  You can choose to be either beard or manbun.  If there are three of you, feel free to also choose the beard+manbun combo deal.  Then start counting.  It is hilarious if you live in a little hipster town like we do.

We were also on the lookout for the ultimate hipster.  The bearded manbun fellow on a skateboard with a guitar.  We know you are out there.
Photo sources unknown

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hi folks, sorry we were missing on Caturday, but mum was out with the family.  You see our beautiful niece Miss Belle - is all grown up now, and come to start at university in our city.  So big uncle and sister in law bought her down with all of her stuff.  They were having a lovely weekend, eating out and relaxing.  Me - not so much as between painters and visitors, I have been out under the deck or hiding in the neighbours garden all weekend.

So last night, everybody had lights out at midnight and were asleep when we heard big uncles car alarm go off at 5am.  Everybody ran down the 45 steps in front of the house, but the passenger front and back windows had been smashed in and poor Miss Belle, as her suitcase and linen had all been taken from the boot of the car, so she was pretty distraught.

Our police were good - as they arrived within 15 minutes, but there was little they could do except take the details.  Even the police van with dogs came out and had a look around, but the offenders had taken off.  Miss Belle then posted on the facebook and said if anyone found anything to let her know.

At 09:30am a nice lady rang from two suburbs away to say that she had been out running, and found some stuff, so we bought some chocolates and a lotto ticket and went to her house, and most of it was still there, so miss Belle got back her clothes, photos and toiletries, although her pens and bedding and linen were taken.

So we got to have a fun day driving around without windows as they had to be ordered in.  We restocked all the things Miss Belle needed and then got her to Uni on time and she looked happy.  Big uncle and sister in law went home two days early to sort out the car, and after a bit of enticement I am back in the house with mum.

So hopefully the family will all sleep well.  Mum has tomorrow off to help Miss Belle get the final things she needs for her hostel, and things will settle down again.

Friday, February 20, 2015


I have gone into hiding a bit today.  First the noisy painters came round.  They haven't been here for two weeks, and today they came back and sanded and painted and made lots of noise.  They packed up round 6pm, then our family arrived for a visit, so I stayed outside.  Mum came out to see me, and I runned inside at 10:30 pm to eat some biscuits and have a drink, and then ran back outside.  Mum thinks that once everyone is asleep I might come in and join her.  We'll see.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Rasberries to my mum,  She chopped up my apartment/box tonight as we have visitors coming.  She did say that she may have flat packed it and put it away to be resurrected at a later date.  But we will see!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just Laying Around

We think our house painters have gone on strike.  Half the house is painted, but they still haven't gone or cleaned up.  The good thing is there has been peace and quiet, so I have been able to relax which makes me and my mum much happier.  The sun even returned to put a smile on our faces.

So mum made some tasty chicken and rice for dinner, it got the fire alarm all excited too, so there was a lot of squealing in the kitchen.  Mum has been buying lots of fruit as the summer fruits won't last forever.  So watermelon, apricots and peaches are all yummy, although the navel oranges from the US are on sale at the moment, and some tasty apples.  So it may be fruit salad tomorrow for tea!!  Not for me thanks - I'll stick to my feast.

Monday, February 16, 2015


So  mums on call weekend is over, but she still has another day later in the week.  She finished around 6.30am this morning, so managed to get some sleep in the morning, and had the rest of the day off, but it is a bit of a zombie day as she does everything super slow.  Luckily the afternoon was sunny and warm, so mum went for a walk to the library, and a supermarket sweep (she has been 5 out of the last 7 days).

There are a couple of sunflowers popping their sunny heads out in our garden, a nice bit of summer for our friends who are still chilly and cold.  She is eating fresh courgettes/zucchini and tomatoes.  Me - well I am on the feast.

So us girls are going to tuck up early and mum is going to read before turning out the lights before 10pm  which is early for her.  I have spent the past week back on her bed as it is getting cooler at nights, although we are having visitors later in the week, so that may all change.

Hope your week is starting well.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

Mum went to the supermarket last evening after her day out, like  a lot of other spinster ladies on Valentines day.  Just to make sure she looked single and crazy she not only doubled up on buying the catfood, but bought a mop that she would have to drag home with her.

The supermarkets here are all crazy with their free offers, most of which are aimed at the kid market, mini toys, stickers or vouchers.  They all drive mum a bit bonkers, cos she says that she has to pay for all this rubbish, and in the end she doesn't want vouchers for overpriced cutlery, Jamie Oliver plates or other tat that she doesn't need.

This months offer though is some sound cards that the kids collect.  So mum always says yes to getting some at the counter, but as she leaves she sees if she can see some kids around to give them too.  Last night two little girls were walking in with their granny, and mum gave Granny the four free cards she had.  The oldest of the girls ran up to mum to thank her so nicely it made mum smile.

Oh and mum did more nice things today.  A little old lady was walking past while mum was waiting for the bus home last night.  So she sat and had a rest and talked with mum.  Mum helped to repack her bags so it was easier for her to carry and not bruise her tomatoes.  Earlier in the day she helped a couple of elderly tourists find a local hot spot, and walked them to where they needed to go, and when out at the movie she treated her bestie to an ice cream and some lollies (sweets/candy)  as a Valentines treat.

So no big gestures here, but all the little nice things for other people make it a better place.

Have you done anything nice lately?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Caturday

 We hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day and got to spend it with someone you love.
 Mum finally got home and got to bed just before 4am, and managed a few hours of snoozing.
 Our day had a chilly bite to it, and long pants and scarves were worn by mum and I stayed snuggled up on her bed.
 She went out and met a bestie for lunch, and to watch Wild at the movies, and they both enjoyed the movie.
Mum made a quick detour to the supermarket on the way home, had an easy dinner of leftovers and now will try a little nap before switching the on call cell phone on.

Kisses to you all xxxxxx

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Plan B

So last nights plan of going to be early didn't really work.  Mum stayed up late watching and Australian documentry about the seige victims from the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.  Pretty amazing brave people who went through such a harrowing ordeal.

Then she had to read for a little while.  She is reading Graham Nortons new book, and that made her smile, so she spent far too long with the lights on.

So tonight, and early night is planned again.  Believe it or not, she is back on shift tomorrow night and on call all weekend, so please forgive us if we miss a post or two.  It is hard to find time to post when sleep is calling your name.  Something I know lots about.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


2day is Tuesday and mum had another night on call last night, finally making bed this morning at 05:30am.  So after a few hours sleep she has a crippling headache.  She did have to go to work from 2.30pm -5pm which she says is crazy.  A quick stop at the supermarket for toilet paper, and she made it home.  She crawled into bed at 6pm for an hours nap, got up had tea and is now waiting on Greys Anatomy, then a quick read of her book and bed again!!!  Whew!!

Hope you are all getting more rest than us girls.