Saturday, March 28, 2015

Casual Caturday

Mum was all revved up last night to head to bed early, but the sleep wouldn't come so she tossed and turned and read her book til close to 3am before her eyes closed.  She had somewhere to be this morning, and it was a rude awakening for her to be up at 8am, but she enjoyed the morning, having brunch with a bestie and going to see A Little Chaos at the cinema.  By this time the rain was swirling, and so the girls enjoyed their day out.

Mum then went for  a wee afternoon walk and a visit to the supermarket.  So addictive when it is at the end of our street.  She got  a few treats for tomorrow - for Sunday is the Cricket world cup final Australia Vs New Zealand, and the first time ever that New Zealand has made it to the final.  Twelve hours of fun!!! The game that is.

So the plan for Sunday is to stay home as the weather is meant to be dismal.  Housework in the day time with a few breaks for food and book reading, the then we will camp out to watch the cricket.

She is feeling drowsy now as she resisted the urge to nap this afternoon, and I have already taken myself off to bed at 7pm, as the bedroom is quiet and peaceful for a few hours and my tummy is full after fancy feast dinner.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.

PS - we saw the neighbour today, so he survived the big fight during the week, although the girlfriend is not around, so maybe she has been kicked out?  They are both in their sixties, and should know better.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Thank goodness it is Friday.  From a cloudy morning, it then turned sunny and mum was glad to have washing on the line.  She went to the movies to see The Theory of Everything and loved it.  She got to meet her lovely niece and drink Mexican Cola and share some tacos.  The niece got a gift of a Lindt Easter Bunny and some vitamins - essential fare for a university student.

Me I got some rest and relaxation in while mum was out and am now camped on her bed.  Sweet dreams everybuddy.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Our house is very close to the house next door.  Last night at about 10:45pm mum got a call that she had to head back into work, and at the same time the neighbours came home.  He is older and used to work at mums workplace, and she seems new, mum hasn't seen her before.  They seem to like a little drink or two or ten, and mum had seen them heading off somewhere around 5pm as she returned from the library.

Well, the noise was rather loud as he wouldn't let her in the house and she was screaming at how evil he was, and how she wouldn't put up with it, and he was yelling back.  He told her to quiet down as he had nice neighbours, and she replied that she couldn't care less what the neighbours thought.

Well this neighbour lady was pretty close to calling the police, but she had to go to work for an urgent job.  When mum got home the house next door was quiet, and she did peek over the fence to check there was no bodies or blood lying around.  Scary huh!!!  Don't worry, mum would have no hesitation in calling the police if she thought it was necessary.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Sometimes it is good to take it easy and camp out.  Mum sat up late and watched the Kiwis play South Africa in the word cup cricket semi final tonight.  It was nail biting stuff, and she felt like crying at the end it was so emotional - and she doesn't usually like watching much sport.  After all that adrenaline from watching she hopes she will sleep well.

Monday, March 23, 2015


After three nights of disruptive sleep when mum has been on call, tonight we get a chance to turn the lights out and snuggle down.  Since the winter bedding has been on the bed, I have spent each night sharing with  mum, although I do prefer to sleep in her spot, and the minute she moves I dive in beside the pillows on the flannel sheet.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Slow Sunday

So after sunshine yesterday, the clouds and rain returned today, which made both of us feel not the slightest bit guilty about being super lazy.  That and the fact that mum was at work til 4am.  So us girls took it easy, and mum took a slow shower at 10am and moved from the bedroom to the couch soon after.  She caught up on watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, is up to date on the Walking Dead and a few other shows.  She read her book and was very relaxed, which was good as the phone goes back on for on call in ten minutes time.

Hope you a had a nice slow Sunday too.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Caturday Chores

  1st Chore - Check that your mum can pull the sheets up properly.  Mum you missed this corner!!
 2nd Chore - Sniff the new bed linen to make sure is smells right and wil suit us.
 3rd Chore - Bunny kick the new bed linen to show it who's the boss.  I'm the boss!!!!
4th Chore - Pose on the new bed linen like a model and show mum where the blankets must go.

Today was a warm and sunny Caturday, so mum pumped through a few loads of washing.  The nights are cooling down, and so the summer bed linen got washed and put away and the bed layered up with some winter warmth.

Mum then spent the afternoon going for a walk, and a visit to the library and enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine and got home in time to get the washing in before it cooled down and to feed me my feast.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday too!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Night Movie Night - Didga the Worlds Best Skateboarding Cat

The mumster is busy working tonight, so she thought she should treat me to a movie.   Check out this cat Didgas tricks - awesome!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Last night we got a taste of the autumn season, as temperatures dropped.  Our heater had to be on in the evening, and I even creeped into mums room for a snuggle between the quilts for about two hours.  Mum quite likes the cooler evenings at sleep time, but she struggles with being cold when heading for the shower in the morning.

Tonight was a quiet one, mum was glad to have been able to buy some yummy foods as the cupboards were almost bare.  Tonight she made herself a small steak with a spinach/orange/cucumber salad and made me a fancy feast.  Tasty!!!

Now we are watching a couple of shows and mum is waiting to see if I want a snuggle again tonight.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patricks Day Bad Bling Fail

Beware of this cautionary tale of bad bad motherhood - enter if you dare!!!

The mumster bought this expensive St Patricks day bling bling to wear today, and thought in her middle aged wisdom that I might look lovely in it for a picture.  I did look lovely, but I am not trained like many of my costumed friends, so I took off through the cat door wearing the bling bling.  Mum tried to entice me in to take it off, but that made me run faster and round the side of the house and down the stairs.  In fact she had to wait two hours for me to come back so she could take the bling bling away.

Now mum feels real bad - she did not want me to get stuck in the necklace or get hurt.  She is normally very careful with such things.

So she went into town to meet her niece and tell her about our afternoon adventures - boy did she laugh!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015


Well our city only got a bit of rain, and the wind has picked up tonight, but it was just a usual autumnish day for us.  It was a pleasure to have mum home all day and all night, and we parked ourselves on the couch for most of the day, with some books and tv shows it was relaxing and just what mum needed.

We hope you have a relaxing start to your week too.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bunkering Down

Well the end of the busy weekend has come and almost gone.  Mum worked a couple of busy shifts, but they went well and although they were steady the time went fast.   The family arrived and it was lovely to spend time with them, although mum is a bit dog tired, as there were a couple of late nights.

I camped out the back most of the time, although I was brave and came in and slept on the couch last night and even stayed there when big uncle got up out of bed to use the bathroom and walked right by me.  I also sat on my sister in laws knee this morning, until I sniffed her and realised that she wasn't my mum.  Go me!!!

So there is a bit of a big cyclone - cyclone Pam  heading towards NZ tomorrow, the one that has already caused a lot of devastation in Fiji.    They are not forecasting  too bad a weather where we live, and mum is lucky as she has tomorrow off, so is planning to stick to staying home, although if it is fine in the morning she may attempt to head out for some quick jobs.  Luckily we have lots of supplies at home, so feel quite happy to stay in the house if the weather is terrible.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.

Friday, March 13, 2015


The family have arrived for a visit, and even though I popped in and said hello last visit, I am  being a shy girl and hiding from them tonight.  Luckily there is a big pile of biscuits and water out for me, but mum wishes I was tucked up and snoozing where she knew I was safe.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Thursday has rolled around again, and it is almost the weekend.  We will be a bit busy this weekend with work and family, so forgive the secretary if we don't get to post.  I'll be hiding under the deck probably.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Middle Aged Lady Brain

Mum is not impressed with her middle aged lady brain.  She went to put the rubbish out tonight, but no rubbish bags.  At 9.15pm.  Luckily there is a supermarket at the end of the street.  Which mum was at after work.  Not impressed.

Then after hiking down the 45 steps outside our place to get the bags, going to the supermarket and climbing back up the steps, she will then have to take the bags out.

Seriously not impressed.

Me - I'll just have a nap while she gets busy.

PS it is 11pm almost and mum is just putting out the rubbish now.  On her supermarket run she bought two lots of rubbish bags, some new plastic containers for fruit, stock,  insect spray, some crackers, some pears,  moisturiser and a new wok.  Mum thinks you shouldn't shop when tired, but oh well it was nice for her to get some fresh airs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just chilling

Just chilling on the couch.  Mum found these tea towels at a funky home store, and now she uses them on the arms of the couch to keep them clean and stop me scratching them.  I likes to lie on them and snooze.

Monday, March 9, 2015


What do you think of my seepy disturbed face - not the usual Poppy Q face is it?  Mum loves it just the same.

What she did not love was the 6am work alarm clock this morning, and the prospect of the 5am wake up call tomorrow.  Luckily she is dog tired, and may hit the sack before 10pm tonight.

What she liked today was that for the first time ever at the supermarket there were tellers at each counter and no lines - A M A Z I N G!!!!  She also had good company at work today that made the day go faster.  The sun was also shining when she got home, so sheets were put on the line and all the washing is just about done, including summer quits, that can now be folded and put away for the cooler months, and the winter stuff aired out so it is ready to use.

Hope your week has started off well.  Think of us at 5am.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sun Loving Sunday

As often happens this time of year, after the thunder/lightening/downpour combo of yesterday, the clouds cleared and the sun shone today rather nicely.  The menopausal bladder left mum alone this morning, and instead a headache awoke her at 8am, and after staying up late till 2am she felt surprisingly good after a solid 6 hour snooze.  She is also proud that she has resisted a Sunday afternoon nap, and hopes she will sleep ok tonight.  Me - I sucked up the sunbeams and rested where I could.

Mum toyed with the idea of going for a walk but she was a  bit sandwiched in today.  The the south of us was the local festival, full of cheap stalls and loud hipsters drumming their little beardie hearts out.  North in town was a all day three day rock/hip hop concert favoured by boy racers and girls with low self esteem.  So mum chose to spend the day chillaxing with me and doing lots of washing, finishing her book and being inspired by Nigella for an easy pasta dinner (zuccini, bacon and spring onions).

She had been meant to meet a bestie, but the bestie was poorly, and actually mum says it has been nice not to have to rush out and have the windows open all day and the breeze blowing through.

So hope you all had/have  a lovely Sunday and get some sunbeams to enjoy.