Monday, October 29, 2012


What an exciting mumsday we had.  I helped her pull out weeds and tidy up  the garden a bit.  Now she has two chickens in the oven!!  They were cheaper than buying one, so mum put them both in the hot box and will cook up some cabbage and broccoli as well.  That way, she will have lots of veg and chicken for all week, and chicken bones to make some stock.  The sad thing is - I don't eat the peoples food, so no chicken for me!!

We hope all of our friends are safe if they are waiting for the stormageddon to arrive in the States.  We hope all of you and your families are safe and sound.


  1. Too bad you live so far away, Poppy - I would have been MORE than happy to share your human's chicken!

  2. Oh, chicken sounds yummy! I've been mostly eating fish and, okay. Fine... a little bit of lasagna. mmmm...

    Stormageddon... it's got me a bit on edge for my family for sure.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. I can't believe miss poppy q doesn't like human food - My little (ok, not so little anymore) is a nightmare when it comes to me eating at home. I literally end up having to stand up eating, or lock her in a room so i can enjoy a good steak. x

  4. We don't like human food, either, Poppy. Our mom just says, well, all the more for her.

    BTW, our mom wants to know if your mum would cook for her...Your mum's always making yummy meals!

  5. No chicken for you? Oh dear.

    What a great weeding job you've done.

    The Paw Relations

  6. Did you eat any of the weeds? We'd KILL for roast chikkun at our house.

  7. You don't eat chicken? Fresh roast chicken? When there is a fresh roast chicken in our house, mum has to put us on our catio or we'll swarm the table!

    Fine job there weeding, dear Poppy.

  8. poppy Q....bee ever sew thanx full ta yur mom her will knot let ewe eat stooooooooooooooooopid burd...chcikn N turkee iz lke de WERST...WERST ever....honest N trooly.....reely.....trooly

  9. You are such a big help Poppy! What would your Moms do with out you?!
    Wells, if you don't wants the chicken, I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands!! hehehe


  10. Good job helping with those weeds, Poppy. Enjoy that roast chicken, and thank you for your good thoughts about the coming storm.

  11. Good work Poppy!

    Sometimes mom gives us a teeny tiny piece of bean food but we don't really care much.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. Love that look! she looked very serious!