Monday, February 25, 2013

Evening All

 Hello week - we are glad you have started smoothly.  Last night there were some pretty pink skies over our neighbourhood.  We have had such lovely days, but our evenings have a touch of autumn chill to them.    Mum has to take her birkenstocks off and put her slippers on, like any good old lady.
Mum is a bit tired tonight, so after watching My Kitchen Rules, as Aussie cooking show, she will decamp to the bedroom with her book.  At the moment I am occupying the prime sleeping position - up by her pillow.  She will move me over soon and we will have a good old snoozefest, as mum is oncall tomorrow night, and sleep is never guaranteed.

Ohh - hooray for us.  Tonight is out 2000th post!!  Wowee!


  1. Very pretty in Pink sky, Miss Poppy !
    How's your eyes ? I hope all good ! Purrs more for you.
    Have a great time on your prime spot...tee..heh..that's my prime spot too : )
    Have a sweet snoozfest !

  2. ave a good rest the two of you. Night night

  3. Lovely pink clouds, Poppy.

    Concats on your 2000th posts! That's amazing.

    We hope your mum is feeling more energetic today. :-)

  4. Oh, pretty pinkys! I like a bit of autumn crispness in the air. I am rather weary of the freezy colds though.

    Have a lovely snoozefest, ladies! Catch as catch can!

  5. Two thousand posts! That's quite an achievement. I follow them every day. Here's to your three thousandth!

  6. Two thousand posts! That's quite an achievement. I follow them every day. Here's to your three thousandth!

  7. WE had some pink skies last night, too. Mom is unhappy because they built a new school across from us and she can not see the sunset!

  8. conga rats two ewe poppy Q on postin 200,000,000 posts !!!! heerz ta de next 789,256,200 !!!! we hope ta see mor oh ewe

    ;) wink, wink....

    chez Q

    N lurnin bout wear ewe travled in de stolen...


    red car

    nice ta have bee come friends :)

  9. Wow, you are a prolific writer, Poppy! the pink skies are lovely. Mum has boiled wool birkies for the winter months which I love to rub against. meow, Jessica-the-cat.

  10. WOW! 2000th post! Way to go! Like they say here, "pink sky at night, sailor's delight".

  11. Concatulations on 2000 posts. On some days we are beginning to feel spring. We have had lots of sun and much longer days, a bit warmer too.

  12. Concats on your 2000th post! Wow that's a big number!!!

    Have a furry wonderful week Poppy.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku