Thursday, January 26, 2017


Yesterday mum had the great pleasure of taking me to the vets.  I almost got away with not going as I ran away and hide in the neighbors garden.  But with 15 minutes to spare, I got too close and boom - Mum did the grab and shoved me into the cat carrier.

My vet is lovely,  and I was a good girl.  I got shaved in two places.  Once in my neck for a blood test and then in my trouser pants for a cat Brazilian.   Mum will keep my dignity and not show you photos of that.  Let's just say it is much breezier and tidy round that end now.

Ohhh and good news.  I have lost 300gr - it has only taken 6 years.

I have to get my teeth done which has been on hold for a couple of years as I have a heart murmur.   But it might be done in March when I go to the cattery.

Mum was surprised that I was extremely smoochy last night and snuggled all night with her.


  1. We knew you would be a good girl! Glad you are A-OK

  2. Ah! Bless! What a good..good girl you were Poppy!x
    And, lovely snuggles with Mum...Ah!x

  3. Well, the vet visit doesn't sound too awful. Except for maybe the shaving part.

  4. Poppy you sound like me.
    I have to lose ten kilos. Only fifteen more to go lol
    Bella doesn't like the vet either. She hates having her temp taken lol
    I don't blame her really.

  5. We hope the blood work comes back just fine, Poppy. We'll cross our fingers that all goes well with your impending dental. We've just been through that with Nicki!

  6. There wasn't a specific concern that caused the visit, I hope, Poppy. Otherwise, it seems to have gone all right. Let us know how your blood reads.

  7. poppy Q.....sorree yur plan waz foiled N yur mum finded ya N ya got taken two de eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil place..984 pawz crossed yur blood werk iz aye oh kay sooooper grate ........ { want we shuld send ya sum mice creem two help ya put bak on that lost weight ;) ♥♥♥

  8. Is this your yearly visit, Poppy, or has something been not right with you? Hope all is well, love.

  9. You're a furry good girl Poppy! We're certain we wouldn't be cuddling with the mom bean if she took us to the vet.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. You were just showing your mum that you had no hard feelings on going to the VET. I like to sleep with mum this time of year, I steal her warms.

  11. You were a good girl, Poppy.
    Hope everything is well with you.
    Bet your Mom loved the extra cuddles.