Friday, August 10, 2018


So after last nights post about the lost tickets mum got a text from her friend this morning to say that the tickets arrived - by post four days after getting picked up!!  Mum paid for a courier.  The whole distance for them to go was 12.5km - it took them from Tuesday morning to Friday morning to get it that distance.  Mum will be writing them a little note she thinks.

Mum is feeling a bit better today.  She got up for a few more hours and actually cooked some vegetables for her dinner and hoovered the floors and did a few chores.  She got some great sleep last night which made her feel much better too.  I am exhausted today - so we had some good sleeps together.


  1. We have the same problem over here to Poppy!x
    And the post..if l send anything to my daughter
    by post l send it 2nd class..two days to get
    there..1st class..two days to get there..! :(.

    Please to hear Mum is on the mend..eating and
    doing a few chores..and getting some sleep at
    last...! :).

    Scattered showers over here at the mo..bit of
    sun, a bit of rain..bit of sun..and so on...!
    Still, the rain is needed...!

  2. Oh, great courier service! (We read the post about the tickets, just didn't leave a reply.) A note definitely is warranted!

    Anyway, we're glad your mum is starting to perk up, at least enough to be upright and eating a bit, doing a few light chores. That's a good sign! Purrs to her.

  3. Happy to hear your mum is feeling better!

  4. Tell your mum to continue to rest. Too often,when we begin to feel a bit better, we start to do more than we should even though it doesnt seem like much to us. We’re very happy to hear she is coming along nicely.

  5. So sorry about the tickets.
    Still more worried why you are up luxing. How could the house get dirty when you are sick in bed ?
    I would suggest forget the tickets and just concentrate on getting well.
    Make the very most of your week off. Sleep, read, doze, watch tv, sleep doze and cuddle Poppy.
    She will be happy and you will get better faster. We all care. 🌺

  6. My human would be beyond mad at that courier service! At least your human is feeling better.