Saturday, November 9, 2019


Is is sad to say that Mum had already eaten her dinner at 5pm and was nodding off on the couch while watching the news?  To be fair she did only get 4 hours sleep and had to be up at 6am to head to work, and worked all day. She stopped an got a chicken satay burger on the way home which she enjoyed very much.  She had baked some meatballs she got from the supermarket last night, and had leftovers she thought she would eat tonight, but when she went to bed last night her tummy was a bit sore, so she thought she would not push it.  Melon and grapes for supper tonight so that she gets her 5+ fruit and veg in today.

So she is not going to push it tonight.  A quick hoover of the carpets and a tidy up and she might have a shower and then sit down and watch a movie and try to have an early night.  That's the plan anyway.

Me well I'm taking it easy too.  I had my supper and a snooze too - its just what I do.  Do you like this old photo?  It is me and my Poppy quilt that my friend Leanne made me. 


  1. Nice to have a quiet and restful weekend
    if possible Poppy!x Put yer feet up and
    watch a bit of TV..
    Bit frosty over here this morning, l don't
    mind least it's dry..! :).
    Wrap up later and pop down town..!
    Love the old photo Poppy!x And the quilt..
    Lovely! :o).

  2. We hope your mum's tummy feels better now.

    Yes, that quilt is lovely! It's perfect for you, Poppy. Coincidentally, our Remembrance Day is on Monday the 11th, and the symbol of remembrance is a poppy. Is is the same in New Zealand?

  3. Poppy, dear, you're a fortunate cat to have a mum who's counting her veg! Remember we humans only have one life to your 9, and eating veg makes us last longer.

  4. Sounds like mum, nodding off at 5, headed to bed by 9.

  5. Four hours sleep? I'd be nodding off, too, Poppy.