Saturday, October 8, 2016

Curious Caturday

When mum got this parcel during the week I had to help her inspect it.  Round and round I went sniffing the corners and giving it a rub.  It had come half way round the world, so it was full of lovely smells, so I have spent the past three days sleeping in it.

The mumster is on call this weekend, so she was glad to get a bit of sleep overnight, and get up at a reasonable hour.   She got some washing done, a bit of tidying up done and made the bed, all necessary chores.  She stuck close to home so that she did not spend any money which was good for the budget, although she may have to venture to the supermarket tomorrow for some essentials.  It was nice for us girls to relax together.  She did give me a good half hour of playing with my feather toy before I collapsed in exhaustion and went to sleep in the laundry basket!

We hope you did something fun today and got some relaxing done too!!  Enjoy your Caturday!!


  1. That is a very cool box, Poppy! I bet the smells were fascinating.

  2. HaHa! What is it with Pussy~cats and
    boxes Poppy!x We saw you inside it..
    So Mum let you sleep in it! :).

    My supermarket day is tomorrow, don't
    need a lot, but, l like looking round
    for bargains..! My neighbour came round
    yesterday, they slaughtered a few sheep,
    up the farm, so..he brought me eight livers
    ans eight hearts! Gave some away, l'll slice
    the rest a freeze them! I love lambs liver!
    Onion and bacon...and, on that foody note,
    time for tea and toast..! :).

  3. A whole hour of play? That is purrty good. I usually get bored and walk away before then!

  4. What is in your box, Poppy? But an empty box to sit in is a special treat.