Monday, October 3, 2016

Mediocre Monday

Mum says that it was one of those Mondays, which she knew from the minutes she woke up.  The alarm went off at 6.20am and she rolled over and woke up at 7.20am.  So no time to get her hair fixed, just a quick shower, change and off.   It felt like a long day but finally when it was over she got to head home and relax.  The sun was shining, but before she knew it the fog started rolling in, so time to shut the doors and windows and turn the heater on.

She made herself a nice big salad for dinner and cooked a nice piece of fish, which immediately flaked and turned messy, so mum had to eat it in tiny pieces.  It did taste nice though, which she thought made up for how ugly it looked.

So now us girls are relaxing, and making a mediocre day end on a better way than it started.


  1. I was just going off into town when l saw
    your post Poppy!x
    Nearly 8:30 over here...Sun's out, in all
    it's glory! Think l'll cut the grass later,
    once it drys out a bit! Last cut of the year,
    l expect! get on...Costa coffee awaits....
    look round the charity shops, as it rained
    last Saturday, so, l did'nt stay in town long!

  2. The fog makes the biped think of the years she spent in Halifax, NS. Fog all the time!

    As for flaky fish...Nicki would have been quite happy to eat it for you. :-)

  3. Poppy, dear, your mum is making small steps toward a full recovery from that nasty 'flu. When one needs to work while hobbling toward wellness, the trip takes longer... (I thought fish was supposed to be flaky.)

  4. Quite different weather from Friday, with its sun, eh, Poppy? A good day to stay home. Too bad it was a Monday.

  5. We had Fog in the morning up here, followed by heavy rain, then just for a laugh Nature let the sunshine for a time! The weather is nuts in Spring up and down our dear little country!!

  6. poppy Q.....a fish could lookz like de rath oh cod haz striked him but if himz cooked just rite !!!!! now yur talkin grate eatz !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  7. Mondays are like that sometime...
    That fog looks quite dense...brrrr...
    Stay cozy, Poppy Q.