Sunday, October 20, 2019

Can You Find Me?

I helped my mum make the bed last night.  We had a play and then this teenager needed a rest.    Today has been a lazy day.  Mum has felt the switching from nightshift back to normal hours hard and has had lots of naps.  oh and she made herself chicken tacos for dinner which she says have helped.


  1. Ah! Now! Let me see! Ummmmm! All
    l can see is a lump in the middle
    of the bed Poppy!x
    No! No! It can't be..! I've just
    looked through my magnifying glass,
    and the lump in the bed has to be..
    Phew! I was getting worried there..! :).

    I'm just getting my dinner ready, went
    up to Lidl earlier, and found a pack
    of five fresh pork chops for only 90p..
    So two l'mm having for dinner, another
    two l've cut up and put into the curry
    pot, the other one l'll have in the week..
    Job done..Yum! :o).

    Oh! Did l see that lump move..HeHe! Bless!x

  2. Hmm, we're not 100% sure where you are, Poppy, but we do see a lump in the middle of the bed! :-)

  3. Are you hiding under that sheet, Poppy? :)

  4. How cute is us gray kitties curled up under the blanket.
    We need them here now too.

  5. The body clock is a strange thing. A week or two and hopefully your mum will be fine
    I’m glad she has you to help her and keep her amused

  6. With the change in shifts, your mum should be sleeping there, too.