Saturday, June 6, 2020

Night Shifting

Mum is on the night  shifts this weekend.   She got to bed at 8am, and only woke up 5 times before finally getting  out of bed st 2pm.  The pain in her shoulder  wakes her up, so tomorrow  she might try a bit more pain relief.  I was so good and didn't  wake her up at all .  It helps that it was s cold winters day and I just snuggled up in my heated bed.  I'll  be here all winter.


  1. It is miserable when pain keeps waking you. I hope your mum can get some relief from it. I get shoulder pain too. Mine is caused by my gallbladder though. I was very surprised when my consultant told me.

  2. Oh! Poor Mum, still having trouble with
    her shoulder, tell her to keep it warm
    the best she can Poppy!x It does helps!

    Blowing a gale this morning over here,
    at least it's dry, and the suns out,
    l've put washing out on the line and
    that's blowing at 30 degrees, so it's
    quite windy..!

    Don't spend to much time on that heated
    bed Poppy!x You've got a lot to do..Keeping
    this Blog up to date, keeping your eye on Mum,
    making sure the bed is nice and comfy..!
    HeHe! Then you can have your 23hr sleep..Bless!x

  3. Poppy, maybe mum needs to use your heated bed for her shoulder. Could you
    spare it while eating feast and giving snuggles? I hope the pain lets up
    for her, how miserable. You keep an eye on mum.

  4. Can your mum recline to sleep rather than laying down? Mum finds that sometimes helps if her bones are achy.

  5. We hope your mum can find a way to relieve some of her shoulder pain. We love seeing you enjoying your heated bed and that idea would maybe work for your mum's shoulder. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  6. Aww, your poor mum. We sure hope that pain relief helps her get some better rest tonight, Poppy.

  7. Still no relief from the shoulder, eh? Has your mum seen a doctor about it?