Saturday, February 15, 2014

Caturday = My One Lost Love

Years ago, my big uncle came for a visit.  He popped in to seem Mum and dropped off his bag and his brown hat.  I fell in love - that thing sure smelled good.  Mum did ask Big Uncle if I could keep it.  He said no.

I still think of that brown hat.

Hope you all had a fab Caturday.


  1. Poppy, I think he should have let you have that hat.

  2. We all love the strangest things Poppy!x
    I still have a 'Jolly Golly' l had as a baby....And, he still sleeps on the pillow....Does'nt say a lot..HeHe!

  3. Miss Gracie loves my jacket. I hate that I need a jacket. srsly.

    Have a lovely weekend, lovely ladies.

  4. Imagine not allowing you to keep your special hat! Now that is just wrong. I like cloth grocery bags to snuggle with. Meow, Jessica

  5. Yeah, you should have gotten that hat. Maybe you can ask Santy Claws for a hat this year at Christmas.

  6. What? A bean that said no to you? That's just wrong, MOL

    Have a great weekend!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Uncle may be finished with the special hat, Poppy. It could be hanging in a workroom somewhere, quite neglected. He may now be
    willing to give it to you! Maybe you
    could hint around a bit. You might
    just find your long list love returned to
    you. But, by now, the hat may so
    nasty your mum won't want it in the
    house . But one never knows.....until
    one asks..

  8. He should have let you have the hat and bought himself a new one.

  9. sure do look happy with that hat. You should ask for it for Catmas!

  10. Maybe you could ask for the hat when he no longer needs it?

  11. You should ask for your own hat for you birthday!

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