Monday, April 15, 2019

Big Night In

Mum has cooked dinner - potatoes, parsnips, broccoli and lamb and done a couple of chores.  Now she is going to snuggle up next to me and watch the new Game of Thrones.  She is excited to see it and knows that people will be talking about it tomorrow, something that doesn't usually happen now as people watch tv and movies differently than they used to.  She wants to know how it all ends - if anyone survives.

I have been loving the snuggles lately,especially as our temperatures have been dropping to about 6deg C overnight.  I climb over mum to get comfy in a nice warm spot. 


  1. I wished l'd started watching Game of Thrones..
    Something l missed..though someone has offered
    me the box l might start watching it,
    l know it's something l would like! :).

    Lucky! lucky! Poppy!x Lots of snuggles..Bless!x

  2. Lucky poppy and what a yummy 😋 meal mum made. Could we have a pic of your next one? I love delious food and a month on hospital meals... I think I lost 10kg. You know what they can be like. One night I got the wrong order. Large instead of small portion and half the plate was boiled sliced carrots.ðŸĪŠ I am sure whoever got my meal was delighted 😁.

  3. Your mum's always so good about making her dinners. She's money-smart, unlike our own human. :-P

    Have a great week, both of you, with lots of cosy evenings and good snuggles.

  4. poppy Q; we hope mum dinna forgetz yur tin oh bizcuitz !! :) ♥♥

  5. Mum made soup today as we had SNOW on Sunday. It all melted today, but we are tired of winter.