Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blue sky day

Today was a blue sky day, and a bit of a scorcher. Mum works at the hospital and has tiny windows, which let in a sliver of sky allowing her to see that the clouds had not arrived during the day time. Once evening arrived, though they blew back in.

So we had a nice evening together, getting a couple of jobs done.

Mum is trying to tidy up, do some gardening and watch 'Life on Mars' the UK version, which she got on dvd from the library. What a busy week - oh and sorting out the new computer.



  1. We wish we'd get another blue-sky day. A friend of ours refers to us as "solar-powered cats" because we go wild in the sun. But it's been cloudy here, which means sleep, sleep and more sleep. Which may not be such a bad thing since after a lot of sun, we probably need to catch up.

    Abby & Stygia

  2. We like the cute photo of your paws! It's not blue sky here, its rain rain rain.

  3. We're glad you got some warmth today. It must have been nice:)

  4. Glad you had a blue sky day for a change. Thanks so much for Tasha's Secret Paws present - we're hoping to open it and post about it this weekend...Mum had to work right through Christmas & New Year (except for the Public Holidays), and she was very busy, so this weekend'll be a good chance to take some photos...


    Gypsy & Tasha

  5. Wow, blue sky. I can't remember what that looks like!

  6. We had some blue sky yesterday, but it was c-c-cold, too. Your new computer will start behaving very soon now!

  7. Blue sky days are nice. We had one for the first time in a while yesterday, too!


  8. We have blue skies today too, Poppy! It is making all of the snow super white and fluffy and very bright!

  9. Do enjoy the warm weather for us, Poppy, it is cold, freezing rain, yukky here. :(


  10. Oh noes! you got our yukky weather? I hope you do not get days of scorchers.. ewww
    It sure sounds like a busy week for your Momma, I think it is up to you Miss Poppy Q to make sure you Momma also relaxes! :))


  11. I'm glad you had a blue sky day. I hope the upcoming weekend is only blue skies, so you Mum can get to enjoy it :-)