Saturday, April 14, 2012


Mum was looking at some of the old photos, and she took a bunch of these at the beginning of the year.  They're good aren't they - especially since she took them through the living room windows, while I was outside.

Mum went shopping with a bestie today, they hadn't been to town for ages, and had a good wander around, without cracking the wallet too much.  Chips + mayo at the Belgian beer bar were the treat of the day.  Mum doesn't drink beer, but they did a nice Lemon Lime + Bitters.

Hope you all had a lovely day.


  1. Every time my human reads about your human's activities, she always thinks, "I need to get out more!" 'Cause she's usually tethered to her laptop at home and forgets to take breaks.

  2. Oh, my. Gorgeous! Stunning!

    What kind of camera are you using that will do that, Julie? I'm going camera shopping again today in an attempt to find something before my cruise Thursday!

    Have a lovely Saturday, ladies!

  3. So close !!!!!
    I feel like I already kiss your sweet face : )
    and seems you and your mommy have a good start of happy weekend. Enjoy : )

  4. Sweet as a cupcake...that is what you remind us of, Poppy Q... and we'd like a lick or two of that mayo, please!

  5. That is a beautiful photo of you, Poppy Q!

  6. that is gorgeous picture of you Miss Poppy. We hope you and mom of a great week.

  7. Oh Poppy, look at that sweet face. I'm thinking about this chips and mayo that french fries with mayonnaise? Have never tried it if it is. Deb

  8. That is a lovely picture of you and your big beautiful eyes Poppy.