Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pink Skies

 There were lovely pink summer skies over our place tonight and at 10:30pm it is still warm enough to have the living room doors open onto the deck.  The breeze is steady though, so soon mum will close them up.  Hopefully all that pink is a sign of a good day tomorrow, but you can never tell.
Mum and I had a sleep in this morning, and then she got ready and headed out to visit with some family friends.  She had lunch with her friends and their family, enjoying the company and good foods.  She headed home and stopped off via the supermarket, where she bought some mince and an onion with an idea to make some pasta.  However when she got home she realized that she should use up some pantry items, so the pasta turned into nachos using up some mexican tomatoes, tomato paste and chilli beans as well as some Dorritos.  She felt proud for using up 4x pantry items, as it is getting a bit full.  Mum is also trying to be a bit more thrifty at the supermarket, and try not to spend too many dollars there.  Now she has enough food for dinner for 2 more nights which she is pleased with.  Good work mum.


  1. Yes! Well done Mum...I've just got back from the
    supermarket...Did'nt need a lot, just bits and
    pieces. Having curry for lunch to~day, then feet
    up, and footy! :).

    Love the pink sky Poppy!x What is it they say....
    "Red sky at night, shepherds delight".
    Don't know about pink....! It's gonna be nice

  2. Poppy, dear, my papa was a Merchant Marine and always told us kids that "Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning; but red skies at night are a sailors' delight." Clever mum, to re-purpose her pantry items into 3 nights' suppers! My latest menu trick is adding canned garbanzo beans to stretch a Greek salad (learned that from Eat the Blog).

  3. You will will always have your dad in your heart. He sounds like a very special person. The red - pink skies are lovely and your photos are lovely. As long as Miss Poppy had her feast everything is good.

  4. The pink sky looks pretty. My mum's pantry is okay, but she has a huge chest freezer that badly needs sorting out. She hasn't got a clue what is in the bottom and some of it will probably have to be ditched. Bad mum!!!

  5. We've always heard "red skies at night, shepherd's delight". So tomorrow looks like a great day for cats and beans alike.

  6. Beautiful pink skies, Poppy and Mum. High five to Mum Julie on using four pantry items!

  7. Mum did good eating so much stuff out of the cold box. She had to cook this weekend.