Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I am enjoying lying out in the sun during the afternoon catching the rays.  Late summer is just the best, and mum has enjoyed having all the windows and the back door open.  Although tonight they said there has been a body found in a flat in our suburb about a 10 minute walk away from our house.  So mum might go out and check the back door is locked and closed.  We always feel pretty safe, NZ has a touch of the 1950s about it, not too much violence although the news may give you an impression of not being safe we always feel pretty secure.  Mum is glad to have a guard cat though.


  1. Hmmm, it's always a good idea to make sure doors (and windows) are locked up. Our human has a screen door plus her solid front door, and when she's home that screen door is always locked, day or night, even if it's nice and warm and the main door is open to let air and light in.

    The deceased person could have died from natural causes or a drug overdose or be a victim of domestic violence...presumably by now you know more.

    Anyway, you two take care and be safe. BTW, we can hardly believe it's your "late summer," it seems like your summer (and our fall/winter) just started!

  2. We've just had a murder just down the road from me.
    Domestic thing..so they've got the guy....strangely
    enough, l know the guy, known him for years, his brother
    died last year.
    HeHe! I've also got a sign on the back garden gate saying..
    'Beware Of Dog'. Don't have a dog, never have and never will.
    Though l put a sign on the back door some 5yrs ago saying...
    'Beware of the Cat'. It's still there to! :).
    Though l live in a town that's trouble free..very quiet!

  3. I am sure you make a great guard cat, Poppy!

  4. I think that if one pays attention just to the news, one will think every day is filled with murder and mayhem right down the street. It's the news industry's job to spread fear. It sells. In reality the world is a better place than is depicted. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have guard-cats...

  5. MMm just read that on stuff. Isn't lovely seeing summer hope it lasts for another 6 plus weeks

  6. poppy Q....whoa.....yez pleez tell mum ta chex de lockz....bee safe .... oh kay ♥♥♥♥

  7. Such crazy nonsense some people get up to. Lucky your mum has such a good guard cat to look out for her.

  8. We live in a safe place, mum still makes sure the doors are locked. More so no one steals something, than her or me getting hurt.