Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

We thought you might like this peek of me sitting in the back yard taken this week.  As you can see our grass is drying out in the summer sun, but lots of other things are blooming.

We also wanted to share with you our friends a little bit of what is happening in our life at the moment.  You see we will have a little break this week and see you next week.  Since the new year, mum got told that her dad Gdad is sick.  He is at home, and pottering round as best he can, but mum needs to be able to go and spend time with him.  So this week she is taking some time off, and for the next wee while she will have to go away and spend time with the family every couple of weeks .  I will have to go to the cattery, while not my favorite place, mum knows I am safe there.

We hope you can bear with us at this time.  We promise not to drop off the blogosphere, just to slow down for a little bit.

Poppy Q and the Mumster


  1. Ah! Poppy!x That's lovely..and what a nice big garden you have.
    And, flowers to! Sniff! Sniff!

    Sorry to here about Mum's Dad is poorly...pity you can't go to,
    l'm sure you make him feel better...Nurse Poppy!x Sounds good! :).
    Anyway! You be good at the cattery, l'm sure you'll find other
    pussy~cats to talk to...Have fun...And see ya soon!x

  2. I'm sending purrs to your human's dad, Poppy! It is hard for humans when their parents are poorly.

  3. Lots of purrs and purrayers to your mum's dad, and to her and all her family. To you too, at the cattery. Blogging comes way down the list of "important things" in life; tell your mum to take the time she needs.

  4. We also will be sending purrs and prayers for you and Gdad.

  5. Don't worry about us, just have your mum give her dad all the attention he needs. That's what's important right now. You'll do all right in the cattery, Poppy, though your mum will be thinking of you. Good luck to Gdad and God bless all there.

  6. poppy Q...yur gardin iz de kewlest !!!!! itz total lee total lee kewl

    N pleez ta tell yur mum we send purrayerz her way for her & her Gdad & familee......familee 250th....see ewe soon ♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Family is most important, so the break is needed. Sending purrs that GDad will be OK. Sending lots of loves to you all.

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  9. Poppy, dear, it's time for you to settle into "sleep mode" at the cattery while Mum goes about her mission of family support. Count your blessings instead of whiskers!

  10. We hope your mum's dad will be alright soon. I know you will manage in the cattery knowing that your mum is able to be with her dad at this time. She will miss you!