Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Two

 Yeah two is the number - the number of hours sleep mum got today.  In part cos it was muggy, and partly because mum had things on her mind.  The hammering in the next door house didn't help either.  Never mind - mum doesn't feel too bad tonight, and it will help her sleep tomorrow.
Me - well I have been knackered out all day.  This had been my latest sleeping spot, on the couch arm.  Mum has put some old lady covers on the arms so I don't leave any marks on there.  Luckily she doesn't use doilies but uses some funky tea towels which look passable.  Do you remember grand parents houses that had covers on the couches?

So hope you all get more sleep than us.  It is getting a bit cloudier and cooler here, so should be good for sleeping tomorrow.


  1. Well..I think 'knackered' is the right word Poppy!x
    You look spaced out....! :). Bless!x

    Do l remember covers on couches..Yep! And, l still have
    them! :).
    Sleep..I don't get a lot, very light sleeper, someone
    only has to walk by, outside the house..I wake up.
    Slightest noise..I wake up! Does'nt bother me though!
    AND...The sun's out again this morning...Wonderful!

  2. Your poor mum! We hope she gets a good night's sleep tonight. It's hard slogging through a day (or night) of work when you're that tired.

    Our biped's grandmother didn't have those doilies, but our human's friends' mom and grandparents did! So she does remember them! :-) We like your tea towels much better!

  3. Poppy, dear, my cats have their own "cat cover" laundry load each week, mostly sheets from the thrift shoppes and a few floofy towels for their baskets. (One suspects the grandparents had covers because they lacked automatic washers/dryers and modern uphostery cleaners.)

    Things on our minds make our bed pillows lumpy. Please suggest to your mum that she pull them out on a written list: "Things to worry about tomorrow." Believe me, she'll have no problems replacing them!

  4. Poor Mum! We hope you two get lots of sleep tomorrow. We think the arm covers are very cool.

  5. I had a grandmother who covered her upholstery with clear plastic. Did you ever meet someone like that? I've seen others do it. I wondered, even as a child why she bothered to unpack the furniture in the first place. It was ugly and uncomfortable but was meant to keep the furniture clean. Why not buy ugly and uncomfortable furniture that you don't mind getting stained?

    I hope your mum gets more sleep tonight. She must be very tired.

  6. We cover things around here--mainly to protect against cat barf!

    We hope tonight is a very restful night. It's hard to go through the day after a night awake :(

  7. poppy Q....we did getz mor sleep than mum, we getted in three hourz....eye dunno why de food servizzz gurl waz a tossin anda ternin but me...eye got up, went ta de chair in de other room N hada grate snooze ~~~~~ ♥♥♥ tuna of moon !!!

  8. Mum had an auntie who kept all her chairs and sofa wrapped in plastic. Talk about not wanting to sit there. Ick.