Tuesday, March 7, 2017


We have had a taste of autumn today with rain and some cool air.   Mum woke up late as she was on shift.  Even with her lie in she is tired and thinking of curling up early with her book and me.


  1. Sun's out to~day after two days of rain..
    I hate the rain, so l've just put some
    washing out on the line! Off into town,
    meeting friends for coffee..! So, not
    much to do to~day Poppy!x...! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, autumn weather of the wet and cool variety is ideal for curling up with a good book -- and a good cat!

  3. Rainy days do make one want to curl up with a good cup of coffee or tea and a book. Enjoy the day!

  4. It's raining here and there's not a cat awake at our house. Your mum will probably be looking forward all day to curling up with you.

  5. We have sunshine and a few clouds here. Your Mom has a good idea on how to spend the day!