Friday, March 31, 2017

Finally Friday

Even though it has only been a four day working week for mum, she is a bit bone tired.  That could be due to the two evening shifts followed by being on call last night and having to do a job at 2am.

So while mum was away at her 2nd amazing Adele concert I had to go to the cattery to have my teeth fixed.   The vet had been suggesting it for several years, but were weary due to my arrhythmia.  Finally they said we had no choice but to do it so booked me in for last week.

Mum says she is never starving me overnight again, I will have to to the vet early.  She took my foods away at 8pm the night before.  Well I was on top of her reminding her every 5 seconds that I was hungry.   Boy was she tired.

Because I had to be at the cattery after my surgery, I was well looked after.  So by the time mum picked me up she only had 2 antibiotics to give me.  They had thought I would need one tooth removed but in the end 4 went.  Mum has been pleased with me as I have been pleased to be home and quite settled.

Mum can't remember if she told you about the cat she saw a few weeks ago being walked round the city on a harness?  Well she got to meet that cat Beth and her mum at the vet clinic.  They were there as they are moving to Spain and Beth needed a Rabies shot.  She forgot to take a photo of them.

Anyway it is time for us wary girls to take ourselves off to bed.  Night Night everybuddy.


  1. Ah! What a lovely, lovely read Poppy!x
    Bit up and down for both of you, still,
    it's all done and dusted, you can both
    get on with your happy lives!
    Night! Night! Both of you...and Poppy!x
    You look lovely!x

  2. Poppy, dear, not one of my feline housemates has ever had a casual attitude to meal times! All, however, concur that going to the vet is an unpleasant experience. Rather than argue with them, I board them with the vet the night before any procedure -- and all proceeds exactly as everyone (including the cats) anticipates. *sigh*

  3. It's too bad four teeth had to go, Poppy, but it's best to get the suspicious ones out now. Teeth on the border of being bad won't get better, and when you are older, it may not be possible to put you under to remove them. My Cammie will be going to the hospital for a dental on Tuesday, and she will have any iffy teeth removed, too. I'm glad you did well and everything is returning to normal. Now, time for some sleep!

  4. Bet you'll feel better wif da bad teeth out.

  5. I'm sure you feel lots better with the bat teeth out, Poppy. I hope your human finally gets some rest.

  6. Awww, lovely photo! Looking cute :)


  7. What a beautiful furry face. Smooch!
    It's good you had all the rickety teeth removed at one time. Anesthesia is not benign .