Saturday, April 15, 2017

After the Storm Caturday

After some super solid rain last night, Caturday was looking a lot better.  Us girls slept in and then mum realized she had better get some jobs done before heading out.

She tells went out and met a bestie for lunch and a movie. They went to a 1.39pm session so we're all done before 4pm giving mum time to wander the supermarket before heading home.

I was pretty keen on getting my feast as soon as she walked through the door.  Mum reheated leftover sausages and mash.  Tasty.

We hope you all have had a lovely Caturday too!!


  1. Pleased to hear the weather clearing up a bit Poppy!x
    I don't like rain...hate it! Trouble is, it's always
    wet...!!! :).

    My weekend started great...had a visit from my Godmother,
    her son brought her over for a visit..she'll be 99 next
    Tuesday! Got all the old black/white photos out! Had a
    wonderful afternoon! :).

    Just had a wander through the TV Magazine..lots of good
    films on this weekend, and plenty of sport! Looking forward
    to settling down, until...until..Knock! Knock!
    Oh! No! Visitors! HeHe! :0).

  2. Happy Easter Poppy and Mum. We had a nice Caturday. Warm enuf to have wide open windows.

  3. We are glad the storm was not too bad. Happy Easter!

  4. I sure like that bow-window your mum and you have, Poppy. It gives a bit of difference to your look-out post, I think.