Monday, April 10, 2017

Just Chilling

Mum is pleased that I am getting more comfortable with being outside at our new house.  We have been blessed with four or five sunny days in a row.  More rains are heading our way though so we are making the most of it.

It us a short week here sue the Easter break.  We get Friday and next Monday off, which is lovely.   As mum has got holder she  o longer feels the need to rush off anywhere and is content to have a staycation.


  1. Your garden looks lovely Poppy!x
    Plenty of room to chill out in..
    Have you met any pussy~cat neighbours
    yet..! :).

    Easter weekend coming up..Though the
    weather's not going to be to good over
    here! Hottest day, yesterday..25 degrees.
    Nice to~day as well...going to cut the
    grass out back in a mo! It's growing like
    mad...! Still, got to be done..! :).

  2. Very civilized, Poppy, dear, very civilized indeed. My lawn care lady just led her crew through a two-hour spring clean of my grounds -- and it still looks very "rural", very "rural" indeed. We'll need more hours of hard labor to achieve "suburban".

  3. So happy to see you out in your beautiful garden, Poppy.

  4. It's good to read that you are settling in, Poppy. It's always a bit unnerving for a cat to be somewhere new. But with your mum there, you probably know everything will be all right.

    And I'm getting a three-day weekend here, so that's nice.

  5. It looks like you have a lovely yard to spend time in, Poppy.

  6. We didn't know you moved again. We hope you like your new home and yard. And neighbors.

  7. You look lovely in your garden.

  8. Your garden is lovely and so are you Poppy. We wonder, do you ever run into the neighbour kitties out there? And if you do, how do you react?

    Our mom bean has a four day weekend coming up too and we're all very happy about that!

  9. A four day weekend is a great time for a staycation