Friday, April 21, 2017


The temperatures have been dropping here with a couple of frosty autumn nights.  Mum had to go out and buy a small heater during the week to warm up our bedroom.   She let me snuggle up under the quilt too.  Our new house is little and gets a bit chilly but we find our heaters warm it up quick enough.

We have sunny days forecast for the weekend, so mum plans to get up early and get the washing out on the line early.  Ahhhh life is exciting for us isn't it?  Mum wants her chores done early so that she can have some fun in the afternoon.


  1. Poor mum, she needs to take a really good rest. How about a weekend in bed and you bring in some feast for her. Only make that tea and toast. Electric blankly on, lots of books and sleeps in between.
    Don't wake her up if she is napping. Xxx

  2. Your certainly in the right place Poppy!x
    All snuggled up and warm, hope Mum is in
    there with you...reading you pussy~cat
    stories! Bless!x

  3. Poppy, dear, are you allowed to tell us how cats can sleep under blankies and not suffocate?

  4. You know how to be cosy, Poppy! Heat is good. LOL. Especially from our perspective, in our climate. :-)

    Enjoy the weekend! Our biped has some thrift-store shopping lined up and is excited that she doesn't have to spend her Saturday running all over town on the buses for cat food, cat whatever, household items, etc. (She stocked up on A LOT while her dad was here!)

  5. I'm glad the heaters do the job, Poppy. It isn't nice being chilly all through autumn and winter.

  6. Hope you have a nice, sunny, warm weekend. Maybe if your mum gets a nice baking mix she can whip up a tasty treat quickly and easily but more importantly make the house toasty warm. Makes the house smell good too.

  7. Still mild here. Although we have rain!
    Lit the fire last week for a day just to dry washing. But not had it going again yet
    At least we keep the wood pile high for a while I guess
    Stay warm xxx