Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hoping for Sunbeams

We have had a solid couple of days of rain so have been busy watching the weather report which says the sun might be back for a couple of days.   Mum will be pleased, as she has a big pile of washing to get done.

Mum did go the supermarket on the way home so all the groceries got soaked.   They had to get dried before they were put away but she has some good stuff for her dinners now.   She has been trying to be be a bit better at meal planning ahead.  She goes through stages where she gets bored with the same old meals and is trying to get a bit more variety into her evening meals.

Me - well I am happy to have a feast.


  1. Loads of sunbeams over here Poppy!x
    I'll send some over...Weather man, said it's going
    to be nice right through till next Monday!
    I put some washing out first thing, nice and dry
    already! And, l've been out trimming the Virginia
    Creeper, buds are just starting to come through!

    I bought a bag of Purple Sprouting on the market
    this morning, so l'm going to steam them later,
    and sit out on the patio, with loads of butter,
    and make a 'pig' of myself! Oink! Oink! :).

  2. Maybe your mum could have a couple of plastic bags to put items in when it rains; she could carry them in her pocket. Do you still get paper bags? I find those are better for the environment, certainly.

  3. Poppy, we hope the rains end soon. You need your sunbeams. We too have had plenty of rain and possible snow tomorrow! your mum is sensible about planning for good meals.

  4. Goodness, you have had some rain, haven't you. Glad your groceries made it home intact. Wouldn't want your FF to float out of the bag!

  5. I hope your sun comes back. We have had a few good days and they should continue into next week.