Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sunbeam Caturday

My gosh what a lovely Caturday we had today.  It was a pleasure for mum to wake up at 8am and see the sun was shining and it was warm.  Washing was done and out on the line.  The Dyson was pulled out and set to work, the bedding was stripped and out in the sun to air.

Mum popped into town to take a parcel to the post office, books picked up from the library and bread bought at the supermarket.   A quick trip home and then she rushed out to mow the lawns and then got herself dressed.  She walked into town to meet a bestie for dinner.   They are trying to go to new places to eat as they usually visit the same old places.

Me well I was glad that mum was home by 7.30pm to give me my feast.  She then watched Ron Howard's Beatles Documentry Eight Days A Week which she loved.  Now she is watching the Antiques Roadshow before she will come and help me make the bed.

A perfect day - we hope yours is a good one too.


  1. HaHa! I was in fits Poppy!x
    Mum doing ALL those things, popped into town,
    Post Office, Dyson, etc..etc..HaHa! Then got
    dressed..I always say..woke up, had a shower,
    shave, washed my hair, dried it...Then got
    out of bed..! :0).

    And, yes, the suns out over here, nice and
    warm, bit of washing out on the line, just
    cleaned the kitchen floor...cup of tea and
    a dough~nut is called for now! Out on the
    patio...! :0).

    I watch the Antiques Roadshow to..It's on after
    Countryfile on Sundays, couple of hours of good

  2. Poppy, dear, that sounds like a perfect day for me, too! But rather than watch the Roadshow, sometimes I watch one of those clean-up-this-cluttered-home programs; then I get up and clean.

  3. Where does mum get all that energy. Some landlord is lucky to have her. What was that sneaky little hidden comment about a man. I bet you could give up a few more clues if so inclined. But you are too loyal and what a photo. You get more gorgeous every day. Love to you both Xxx

  4. Lovely photo of you Poppy! Your mom bean sure keeps busy. Have a great Sunday.

  5. What a lovely day. I too am trying to get to new places to eat - be a bit adventurous! Will keep an eye out for that movie - I think it played at a theatre around the corner from my house.speaking of movies - make sure your mum goes to see a movie called "Kedi" if it comes your way.

  6. Ah, I like it when a day turns out.