Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

 Good Friday:
- Crazy eyes from mum letting play with a shopping bag.
- Sleeping in with no alarm clock getting up.
- Mum was pleased to get some jobs done , washing, dishes, tidying up.
- We got no real effects from the storm it passed over us without a lot of rain at our place last night.
Bad Friday:
- The rain arrived tonight with mums towels on the line.
- While out putting the washing out mum managed to get a big bit of cat pooh stuck on her slipper and managed to try it into the house and flicked it on the couch.  Who could have left that outside?

Oh well - what can you do?  We hope you all had a lovely day.


  1. Oh! Good news about the weather Poppy!x
    They showed it again on the early news
    over here...Thought of you and Mum! Bless!

    How strange...l ordered a set of pink towels
    a couple weeks ago...They have just arrived,
    special delivery! On Good Friday, quite surprised.

    Lovely photos to Poppy!x
    HeHe! Won't comment on the pooh! Sniff! Sniff! :0).

  2. Happy Easter weekend, Poppy. A day to spend with mum home is the best kind. We are pleased to hear you were spared the storm.

  3. Uh oh, sounds like you have a visitor who left your Mum a treat. MOL! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Well, it sounds like your Good Friday turned a little bad at the end, at least for your human, Poppy!

  5. Oh dear with bringing in the poo. The one thing mum loves the best about retirement - No alarm clock.

  6. Yuk, cat-poop on the couch. Well, I think we've all had that happen to us, Poppy...