Sunday, February 4, 2018

Busy and Tired

Mum has been busy today and then gone to work all evening.  Day 3 if 7 so almost 1/2 way through.

Hanging out for Friday.


  1. Oh! Poor Mum...We'll all 'hang' out for Mum! :).

    Looks like a nice day there Poppy!x Suns out
    over here, but chilly, l've just got back from
    the Supermarket, few bit's and pieces..!
    Quiet day to~day, me thinks, couple games of
    footy on later, and Italy take on England in
    the five nations rugby at three...Forza Italia!
    Though, Italy are'nt to good at rugby..! :(.

    Well..l'm off a milky coffee and a couple of
    chocolate filled Crepes...! Curry for lunch! :).

  2. What an ideal possie to relax and watch the bird life poppy. Wish I could come and join you. After 2 cold days and lots of wind we are back to warm but not too hot.
    Hang on in there mum. Hope you get a good break at the end of the shift. Xxx🐞

  3. Sometimes I think hospitals give employees these horrible schedules to chase us away! Hang in there Poppy Mum.

  4. Wow. Poor Mum, but you are right, Poppy. She's almost halfway done!

    Enjoy those window whiffies, sweet girl. Hugs!

  5. I bet your human will be glad when it's over, Poppy!

  6. So sounds like you don;t get Waitangi Day off... hope it's a day in lieu that you can tuck away xxx

  7. I bet she'll be glad when it's over.