Sunday, February 11, 2018


It has been wet enough for the fishies today with non stop rain.  Mum and the visitors saw these beautiful fishes at the pet store.  She's not going to bring any home.  Is it sad that she likes to go round the pet store and say hello to the kittens, bunnies, birds and fish  (No puppies).  By the way this pet store brings in puppies and kittens from the SPCA/shelters to rehome, so no puppy mills.

Mum met a bestie for brunch this morning and then went to the library before heading home to read and nap.  She has enjoyed her day off.


  1. I don't like seeing any animals sold in pet stores,
    l suppose fish are o.k. In fact just this week the
    UK Government have banned the sale of puppies from
    shops..wish they's ban a few more like reptiles and
    things...why people keep them..God knows! :(.
    Leave wild animals where they belong..out in the

    Still, dry and very cold over here Poppy!x
    But...the suns just popping out, getting quite a bit warmer, by the time l'm off
    to the supermarket...ten o'clock they open over
    here on a Sunday..close at four! :).

    1. Our pet store brings in shelter cats and puppies to rehome.

    2. Ah! That's o.k. then...if there from a shelter..!
      I'm a funny old sod...l don't like caged birds,
      or zoo's either, for that matter..wild life parks
      are o.k. But, l don't like anything caged! :(.

  2. Those pics are really beautiful. Like Willie I don’t like caged anything. Especially zoos and circuses.

  3. Sorry it's so rainy there, Poppy. Those fish are beautiful!

    We think it's cool that that pet store brings in shelter pets for adoption.

  4. Mum likes to check out the pet store kits too. Not so much the fishes.