Monday, February 19, 2018

Looking Out

We are looking out of the windows and keeping an eye on the skies today as there is a bit of a stormageddon heading our way.  A severe storm that hit Tonga and Fiji last week has swerved southward and although it has reduced in intensity it is promising high winds and heavy rains.  Luckily we live up high on the hill away from coastal flooding and in a sheltered spot.  Mum stopped after work and stocked up on supplies and as mum has a day off tomorrow we intend to stay indoors and not go anywhere.  Although mum has a dinner invitation out she thinks that it will be cancelled tomorrow.

So keep warm and toasty or dry and cool wherever you are.


  1. Good plan Poppy. I just hope we don’t loose power. Cold food and no hot drinks is not appealing in stormy weather.

  2. I'm glad you are away from the worst of the storm, Poppy!

  3. Much the same over here Poppy!x
    Damp and overcast..Been to town earlier,
    took my brolly, but did'nt need it, back
    home now, off to make some tea, and l
    think there's an almond slice somewhere!
    But, l don't think for very much longer..! :).

  4. We're glad you'll be relatively safe, Poppy, no flooding fears. Hunker down and stay cosy!

  5. Hope that storm passes you by without causing any problems. We are forecast dry weather from tomorrow. About time too!

  6. You guys stay safe from the storm.