Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mum and I had a lovely Caturday.   The things that made mum smile were:

  • A sleep in and finally a night with 6+ hours sleep.
  • The sheets and duvets were washed and on the line and all dry by the evening.
  • A visit to the library and two more good books to read.
  • Mum went to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and really enjoyed it.
  • She got some nice Asian rice dishes for tea and I got my feast.
  • Now there is a relaxing evening at home for us.  It is almost treat time.  Temptations for me and a mint magnum for her!!
We hope you have all found something fun to do on your Caturday .


  1. ooooO! Mum certainly had a fun day Poppy!x
    I'm just off into town, suns out, but very
    cold, the next few days are going to be the
    coldest for five, baton down the
    hatches...and plenty of hot drinks! :).

  2. I'll be busy today mingling with cat show attendees! Not exactly relaxing, but lots of fun.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful Saturday, Poppy! Our human has the urge to pop into one of her favourite thrift stores before the usual errands and grocery shopping, so that will be her fun thing for the day. :-)

  4. I wrote last night but it seems to have disappeared....
    Wanted to say that was one great day. Nothing like a good nights sleep to start off a great day.
    That is a beautiful photo of you you poppy

  5. Nothing but good things there, Poppy - especially the sleep!

  6. I am glad your mum got a good night's sleep. It makes all the difference.