Saturday, February 10, 2018


We have had visitors come and stay.  Muss belle stayed in the mum bed.  I came in and meowed very loudly at 5am to let my displeasure be known and then at 6am to be let into the bedroom and under the covers.

All is quiet now - back to me and the Munster.

Enjoy your Caturday  - have some fun.


  1. Miss Pippi & Blackie do NOT like visitors coming to stay either Poppy Q. We have had an Uncle stay this week & one of them showed their displeasure by peeing in the laundry room!!!! Mum is not sure which one it was but both looked guilty as heck!!!

  2. HaHa! Bless! How kind of Mum though to let them sleep on
    your new mattress...Don't think l'd do that..! :).

    And l like Julie's story about peeing in the laundry room,
    l bet it was Pippi and Blackie..a joint effort...Bless!x

  3. Is that lump on the bed you Poppy? I hope no one sits on you.
    Try and be a good girl tonight and not do early alarm calls.
    Visitors are such fun. All the more people to cuddle you.