Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Sunbeams

The sun was shining again today but a sea breeze made the heat manageable.   Mum tried a sleep in but was too hot, so instead got up and read her book.  She went for a walk in the afternoon.  Back home to read and relax with me.

Relaxing, eating and sleeping for me.


  1. Three of the nicest things in life Poppy!x
    Especially eating...I've got partridge
    to~day, with all the roasties that go with
    it...Nearly eight over here, must have my
    breakfast first...and it looks like a nice
    day to~day as well...! :).

  2. What nice sunbeams you are enjoying, Poppy!

  3. You look especially lovely in the sun light Poppy. Make the most of tomorrow as you will need to hunker down for two days with the summer storm coming. Xxx

  4. Sorry it is so hot there, Poppy. But we are glad you and Mum got some nice sea breezes. :)

  5. Relaxing, sleeping and eating. Sounds like our weekend too.

  6. That looks like some lovely sunshine. Can you send some over here?