Tuesday, February 20, 2018


We are ok, the stormaggedon seems to have skipped our city a bit.  Today was calm and just gentle rain, although now at 9.30m the wind is picking up a bit it is no more windy than many days during the year.  Where we live is high on a hill but sheltered a bit from the worst of the weather and with a block of flats in front of us and to the side, we think they take the brunt of the breezes deflecting it from our little place.

So mum has made sure we have enough supplies, plenty of biscuits and feast for me and chocolate, yoghurt, bread and water for her.  She has an emergency bag packed in case anything happens overnight - you never know.  We hope all of our kiwi friends are safe at their places and keep tucked in and dry.  A perfect night to go to bed early and read.


  1. I'm glad you and your human were prepared, Poppy, even if it wasn't so bad. My human loved that your human included chocolate on her list of necessary food.

  2. One thing l'm always stocked up with Poppy!x
    And that's food...fortunately there is'nt anything
    l don't eat, so l love and enjoy my food, no matter
    what it is...! :).

    Pleased that the storm missed you, l live on a hill
    as well, so water or flooding does'nt bother me....
    Oh! And just as l'm writing this, Mr Sun is popping
    out, and quite warm to~day, though colder frostier
    weather coming later in the week...
    Now! Where did l put mt lemon tea....! :0).

  3. We have had rain solid all day but it was so dry here my garden is thrilled however the wind is supposed to come about 11pm so hold your fur on Poppy.

  4. It is 4am and civil defence tells me the storm passed us by. My husband saw a mouse earlier coming in from the rain. He set a trap and mouse is no longer. I am sure Poppy would have done the job. We just don’t know how it got in.

  5. We just got strong winds & rains here Poppy. My Mum got it worse in Taranaki with power cuts & a roof came off one street over. Glad you are okay down there.

  6. glad you are safe so far, be ready in case it does get bad and be safe.

  7. Fingers and paws crossed, Poppy. It's good that your mum is prepared.