Saturday, February 17, 2018

Caturday Fun Things

While I was busy cleaning my machine the mumster decided that she should have some fun.  So she finished the jobs by lunchtime and went out for a walk, as the weather was nice and we do have some cyclone circling above us that might hit next week.  So mum walked, she bought a new tshirt, she tried on lots of other clothes she did not buy, she looked at furniture, she helped some tourists with directions, she walked home, she stopped and bought an ice cream, she read her book, she watched a movie at home, she ate a tasty dinner, a mini spa treatment was done,  she lit candles, she made up a fresh bed and she patted a little grey pussy cat.

We hope you have some fun too.


  1. Mum had a lovely day Poppy!x I've just got back
    from town, had coffee in Costa, met a few friends,
    popped into all the charity shops on the way home,
    all, seven of them...suns out, though still a bit
    chilly..l'm now going to make some tea, couple of
    almond slices..and browse through the TV magazine! :).

  2. Darling Poppy you are so funny. Glad your weather ok still. We are waiting....
    What fun mum had. Never a dull moment.
    Hunker down you two and keep

  3. Mum will wash her sheets tomorrow, then nice clean sheets to sleep on.

  4. Sounds like my kinda day Poppy Q :-)