Friday, February 16, 2018


It was a lovely Friday for mum as she had leave from work.  She got to sleep in which was wonderful and take a leisurely shower.  She then relaxed and watched some shows before getting ready to head out and get her hair cut.  She read magazines and relaxed as she got her hairs cut and coloured.  Then a little wander into town before coming home to relax for a while.  One of the girls was leaving from work, so there was dinner out which was a wood fired Margarita pizza followed by a lemon gelato.

Now two more days of relaxing - good on you mum you deserve it and I will help you.

Mum loves these beautiful bird photos from Freya Ever After such lovely photos of her birds and other pets.


  1. Sounds like Mum had a lovely day out Poppy!x
    Lemon gelato...Very Italian..The best ice~cream
    comes from Italy...My favourite is Cassata, from
    Sicily...! :).

    The bird looks lovely Poppy!x Lets hope it's free
    to roam/fly where it wants to, and 'NOT' kept in a

    1. ooooO! I've just had a peek at the photos
      on Freya Ever After...Yes! There! Fantastic,
      wonderful and natural...I'm gonna make another
      lemon tea, and pop back for another look through!
      Lovely! Thankyou for sharing Poppy!x

  2. That sounds like a perfect day off. Those birds are really beautiful. Growing up my girls always had a budgie. They made wonderful tame pets and were allowed to fly free a lot of the time. One especially liked it if I was peeling potatoes under the kitchen tap and she would fly in and take a vigorous shower. They gave us a lot of joy. Our cat was on such good terms - luckily .

  3. Your mum had a wonderful day, Poppy! The bird is very pretty, love the colouring, from subtle to intense. Beautiful!

  4. What a good day it sounds. Your mum sure did deserve it. And the birds are beautiful; such gentle colours.

  5. Glad your mum had a relaxing day.