Saturday, February 3, 2018


 The temperatures dropped last night enough for mum to sleep well.   The quilt is back on the bed and I am happy .  I snuggled between mums knees for a time until she wiggled away.
 Sausage rolls for her lunch.  Washing done, carpets hoovered and a bit of tidying up done.
Lunch in front of the tv - today's viewing is the First Monday in May a documentary about the Met Ball Gala.  Then uniform on - pick up sushi for dinner and off to work.

Enjoy your Caturday - have some fun!


  1. Oh! Yes! Love the look of those sausage
    rolls Poppy!x Love them when the pastry
    is all nice and fluffy! :).

    Still dark over here, not seven yet,
    back to bed for half hour, with my lemon
    tea of course!

  2. That makes mum sound super efficient. Can anybody tell me what the blue fabric is for? Very pretty - for a curtain, a skirt or covering something? I am very dense, it must mean something. 🤔

  3. Glad you have better temperature for sleeping. We have sub zero forecast for all of next week. Roll on summer!

  4. I could go for some sausage rolls right about now...

  5. Glad you got some good sleeping weather. I am glad mum is back home, she had a icky drive in snow.