Monday, July 31, 2017


Mum was a bit annoyed with me tonight.   Yup see she got home at 2.40pm today and I started asking for my dinner.  She said no it was too early.  So I communicated my displeasure by scratching the chair. She said no!!  So I came back and scratched it more.

Rather than big growls, mum lay down on her bed and read her book and ignored me until 5pm when she finally got up and dished out my dinner.

It is cold again  tonight though - so I am sure we can be friends again.


  1. Oh! My Goodness! Poppy!x Do you know a good
    solicitor...! :). HeHe! Bless!
    Can't you find something a bit more valuable
    to scratch than a chair..! :).
    Never mind you got your dinner in the end! :).
    And...l bet your friends again....hopefully! :0).

  2. She ignored you?!? The horror of it! :-O

    We make ourselves sufficiently obnoxious that we get fed quite often when the biped is home. C'mon over to our house, Poppy, and she'll give you Feast on demand (just about).

  3. Poppy you are a great big spoiled, lump looking at your photo? Has your food not arrived ever? Are you ever left outside in the cold ? Mum loves you Sooo much as we all do.
    Can you cook? Don't you ever have a nice warm mouse waiting for her? Just a change of diet /

  4. I think your mum was in the right this time, Poppy. That was far too early to eat, and you would’ve been hungry again by dinner-time. I’m sure you felt very satisfied after you at last were fed, right?

  5. Too bad ya didn't get a double dinner.

  6. Ugh, your human is one of those ignorer types? Mine too.