Saturday, July 22, 2017

Big Cat Caturday

Mum saw these big cats out today, they stand outside the war memorial by our parliament buildings.  She had to be up early as she had an early shift at work.  It went relatively quickly  although she got soaked on the way to work.  The rest of the country had lots of flood waters as another storm has drenched our little country.

After work mum came home to dish out the feast and chat to me.  She then tidied herself up and went and met her besties.  They went to a nice pub for dinner and then to the movies to see  This Beautiful Fantastic- which was okish.   Now home with all the heaters on and her eyes feel heavy, so time for bed now.


  1. Goodness! Me! I thought! Poppy!x put on
    a lot of weight! :). Then l realised they
    were statues..and, very elegant they look
    to..! Looks lovely!
    And, l do like round corners to
    keep clean..! :).

    Nite! Nite! You two....Bless!x

  2. So nice that mum had such a good day. Photos of Parliament were really good any photos in Welllinton still make me homesick even it was because I was born there and only lived there for 8 years.
    So pleased mum had such ba good day she sure deserves it. Hope you had a good one too poopy q
    . Hope you and mum have happy Sunday Xxx.

  3. Those are some big kitties Poppy!

    You can ask your mum bean to send us some of the rain as we are furry dry here. The hots have cooled off thankfully but our mom bean spends lots of time watering the green stuff outside.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I remember seeing this building when I visited a few years ago. Don't know why but I fell in love with it. Kinda reminds me of a bee hive!
    Hope the wether gets lots better for You. You have been pummelled lately

    1. Hu Angela, it us in fact called The Beehive. I guess all the water keeps nz nice and green.

  5. Big cat statures to remind us humans who really is in charge. We hope no more flooding. Keep warm and safe, Poppy.