Friday, July 14, 2017


 We have had a big old three day storm here with rain, hail and lots of wind.  The snow fell south and North of us but not in our city - although we have felt its chill.  Mum had evening shift so was glad when 5pm rolled around and her weekend could begin.
Me - well I was under the covers a lot.  Mum came home via the supermarket where she stocked up on a few things.  She got an easy burger for dinner.  Then home to dish up my feast.   The uniforms were washed and now she is going to relax on the couch.

We can hear more rain falling this evening and it is still a bit cold, so mum has turned the heaters up and is getting ready to chose a sweet treat for her supper.

We hope you are all getting ready for your weekend too.


  1. Mum is so lucky to have you to come home to poppy. I wish there were lots and lots of Poppy's in the world. Did you have any brothers and sisters? I am still sad that Millie bit me. Have you ever bit or scratched mum? Have a lovely weekend you two. Mum deserves a day in bed snoozing and reading. Just a little like

  2. Well...Your both in the bestest place Poppy!x
    Especially you..under the covers! :).

    Weathers nice over here, lots of sunshine
    forecast for the weekend...My garden is all
    up together, just redone some of the hanging
    baskets, l did them to early, some of the plants
    are dying off! They look o.k. now! Grass is cut,
    hedge is cut...might manage a lazy weekend now!

    Nearly lunchtime...Burger sounds good, by the time
    l finish...and, add ALL the bits and pieces, it's
    more like a Scooby~Do burger...I'll eat it outside,
    be much safer there....won't matter where it ends
    up...! :0).

  3. Awful weather! I feel chilly just looking at the photo. Grateful we are enjoying summer here. Keep warm Poppy!