Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Walk

Mum tried to sleep in this morning but her back was too sore. She got up and had some breakfast, and a couple of ibuprofen settled the pain.  She washed the bedding and vacuumed the floors and as the skies were blue she put the sheets out on the washing line outside.

Today's weather is the last fine day forecast for some time so mum slipped out to take a walk in the fresh air.  She walked down to the harbour to the fruit and vegetables market to get some in for the week.

As it was so nice she carried on and walked right round the waterfront.   Although it looked nice it was a bit chilliy, so mum slipped into a shop and found a jacket on sale which kept her warm.

Then home


  1. What lovely photos Poppy!x Looks really calm
    and bright! :).
    Were still having nice sunny weather over here,
    next Wednesday is supposed to be the hottest!
    Though the plants etc..still need water!

    Quiet day for me...Pop over to the supermarket
    at 10....just a few things needed, back home,
    tea and a sticky bun...think l'll get the J.Edgar,
    out, and wizz round and do the carpets! Then settle
    down for lunch, chicken to~day, then the Gran Prix,
    then the tennis! :0).
    That's Sunday sorted!

  2. Such a lovely walk your mum had, Poppy. Gorgeous! And a bonus to find a jacket on sale. Our biped's ideal weather is "sweater weather," when it's just cool enough to don a light cardigan, but not need a coat. :-)

  3. What a beautiful harbour. Sounds as if the air would have smelt fresh and salty and being chilly what a good excuse to buy a new jacket.
    Tell mum to look after her back, taking pain killers only masks the pain and doing chores not a very good idea. Try and get mum to soak in a hot bath or have a hot shower and have a good lie down. She works so hard.

  4. What a lovely place to walk. Amazing views!

    Sending lots of purrs and prayers for Mum's back to feel better soon.

  5. You have beautiful views where you live, Poppy.

  6. How lovely! Our mum wishes she could have joined your mum.

  7. Even with a sore back your poor mum did the chores. Glad to see she was up for a good walk though. I hope you enjoyed the fine day Poppy.

  8. Oh the waterfront and blue skies are so pretty. We hope mum's back is feeling better soon.

  9. Wonderful views! Beautiful waterfront!
    I think I can smell your fresh air =^x^=