Saturday, July 1, 2017

Winter Caturday

Hi Catsters, Caturday is drawing to a close here.  It has been a rainy day here, and I haven't been up to much.  A couple of snuggles and a feast for dinner.

Mum went and met some friends for dinner.  The All Blacks were playing the British/ Irish Lions rugby team in our city tonight.  Tickets were sold out ages ago, so the friends watched in the pub.  The Lions bet the All Blacks tonight, so next week will be interesting in the 3 test final (we bet them in the first game).

Mum didn't stay in town long after the game finished.   She has to be up early tomorrow morning.

We hope you are having a nice Caturday and get to do something fun.


  1. Yes!That was a surprise Poppy!x first time The All Blacks
    have lost a game at home in 17yrs. Let's hope they can turn
    The Lions over next week!
    I tell you what makes me the Lions coach, Warren
    Gatland..where was he born, yes, Hamilton, New Zealand..
    he should never be allowed to manage a foreign country,
    only his own. Totally wrong...after all..where does his
    heart lie..! that off me chest...HeHe! You can go back to
    sleep now Poppy!x Bless!x

    1. Warren Gatlin is a very nice guy. Of course he is he is a NZer. Just look at how mixed up the teams are. We should be proud that the Lions needed a NZer out of the whole world to help them out. Go Warren.

    2. HaHa! Therefore Gatlin's 'Blood' is 'not' where it should be...!
      In my book..."He's a traitor"..Period...! :(.

      Sorry Poppy!x Have to defend myself...! :).

  2. Dearest .poppy, we are really in winter now. Nothing as good as curling up with mum to watch the game.
    I wonder who you both supported. If it was the Lions, HUGE congrats. Next week will be even more exciting so make sure mum you get a night off. How exciting. Takes a bit to get that result
    Watching the rain reminded when I went to school there till I was 8.
    I always was having galoshes on many days. They were a curse but at least I arrived with dry feet.
    You won't have that prob. Poppy as your little toes stay warm most of the day.
    How would you like to wear galoshes ?
    Do they still make them? Love you Poppyq xxx

  3. Rainy, dreary weather is perfect for chillaxing and laying low, Poppy. We sure hope the All Blacks win the final game of the three game set. Hugs to you and Mum.

  4. Nice day, not too warm. Plus a few brief, but gentle, thunderboom storms.

  5. It must be deep winter where you are Poppy. Burrrrr! Summer here but lots of rain too.

  6. We had a rainy Caterday, too! It was great for napping