Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lucky Mum Day Off

 Mum was lucky and got to have the day off.   She got to be home at 8am, have some breakfast, shower, got some washing done and then fell asleep on the bed doing her sudoko.   So she took a nap then got herself ready and took a walk into town.

She bought herself a couple of little treats and then decided to go to the movies.  She saw Dunkirk and enjoyed it.   It was what a good war movie should be, without the cheesy back stories and straight into the action.  Worth the ticket price it was almost perfect.  5/5

She the walked home before the rain came and made a tasty chicken pasta for her dinner.  Me well I was happy watching the birdies in the garden.


  1. Missed you yesterday Poppy!x
    Laid up in bed poorly...and, spent a lot
    of the time in the bathroom! O.k. Now!
    But, l could see you were under cover! :).

    Sounds like Mum had a nice day off..Dunkirk
    is being released over here tomorrow! Seen,
    the reviews and trailer, sounds and looks good.

    And, what could be better for you, than watching
    the birdies at your panoramic window! Bless!x

  2. Hurrah for days off, especially well-earned days off.

  3. Dunkirk is on our list - looking forward to it.
    James has been doing night shift, I've been thinking of you - it is quite a change to life. Tad hard keeping everything quite so he can sleep during the day.

  4. I hope your mum enjoyed her relaxing day off.

  5. That sounds like a good day for your mum.

  6. Hurrah for days off, especially well-earned days off.