Tuesday, July 11, 2017


 There us meant to be a bit of a big cold snap coming our way.   Lots of snow in the south island that is heading towards us.  Although we seldom get snow, it might get mighty chilly.  So mum went to the supermarket after work and got all the supplies in.
Mum made this for dinner.  Getting home after a long day she is all for the quick cook and only one dish.  She baked a chicken stuffed breast, hash browns again and a steamed veg mix.  1 minute prep, 20 minutes in the oven  and done and ready.

Me - well I was happy with my feast.  What is your person having for dinner tonight?


  1. Well..this person, is having two bunny rabbit legs,
    left over from Sunday, couple roast potatoes, and
    some mixed veg...and..l won't even bother to heat
    it up..! :). I love meat on the bone..Yum! Yum!
    Chew! Chew!

    And..I don't think the cold weather bothers you to
    much Poppy!x All the lovely warm places you get to
    sleep! Bless!x

  2. We wouldn't mind having some of that coolness here, Poppy - or some of your mum's food. I had chicken and mixed vegetables last night; I prepare a lot of my food beforehand, too, and freeze it for later consumption. It sure saves time.

  3. It is freezing here. Frost then snow. We stocked up with roast lamb for tonight and all the trimmings. Cross paws the power won't go off. Mills had small portions of chicken, ham and biscuits last night. Her favourite.
    Your mums dinner reminds me of Hemingways book A movable Feast. It looks too beautiful to eat. I bet it was delicious. Mums cooking is a real work of art. Go Mum!!!

  4. Snow!!! I hope you and you mum keep warm. Your mum was wise to get the supplies in before the cold comes.

  5. I think your mum needs to start a recipe file for all of us. One added treat is that not only does you mum get a delicious meal but the oven warms the room nicely. Chicken is out a bit for us as mum had a gigantic plumber's bill not too long ago.

  6. Mum was wiped out after mowing the lawn in the hots and humids. So she called in an order for Chinese.