Saturday, July 8, 2017

Working Caturday

Mum is working all day.  It will be an 11pm dinner for the both of us.  Luckily we have leftovers.


  1. oooO! Poppy!x That's just what l feel like doing...
    laying out on the bed..Phew! It's hot! I've just cut
    half of the privet..and, the sun's out in all it's
    glory! :).

    Got back from town in time to watch the second half
    of the rugby! All Blacks nearly grabbed it at the end,
    shame...still a draw was fair l think!
    The only thing l don't like, is all that 'rubbish'
    advertising on the pitch, it confuses a good game,
    and looks really weird..! :(.

    A friend has just brought up three bunny rabbits,
    so, got them to skin and clean, tomorrows dinner
    sorted! But first l'm gonna sit down with an ice
    cold drink, and biccies! In the shade, of course!

  2. What tricks do you get up to while mum is at work ? Guess we will never know. Happy midnight feasts you two..Xxx

  3. It's a working day for both me and my human today... meaning, I'm getting a bath for my therapy visit on Sunday. Bleah.

  4. That is a late time for dinner.

  5. Oooh! We love your blankie! It would really spruce up mum's decor.

  6. Wow, that's a long day, Poppy. We hope you and Mum enjoy those leftovers. Hugs!