Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Mum is still dog tired (or should that be cat tired?).  She worked 7am-3pm today so had a little nap with me this afternoon.   I climbed up on the bed and even sat beside her within patting distance.

So it has 9pm - I have given her permission to put a face mask on and have some fruit for her supper.  Then she is under orders ro be in bed at 10pm.  I am already in position warming up the bed.


  1. HaHa! Hope Mum does'nt get get the face mask
    and fruit round the wrong way Poppy!x Though
    they say some fruits etc are good for the face,
    l think some ladies put cucumber on their eyes! :).

    Anyways! You two have a lovely sleep...sweet dreams!
    It's nearly 10:30 over here..time for another lemon
    tea...and..and..a hot~cross~bun! :0).

  2. I feel so sorry for mum. You are doing your best to help her in the warming department which is good. Is mum due for a holiday ? She sounds like she needs to sleep for a week and then rest and read books for another week in a nice sunny place. Can you ask her if she can take a course of Vit, B pills? They worked wonders once when my daughter was pre exam time at Varsity. Probably all this bad weather doesn't help. If only we could skip winter and jump to Spring.
    What do you think about all day poppy while you are keeping the bed warm?

  3. You keep looking after your poor mum. She is tired out from earning all your money, Poppy. We hope you both have a few days off shortly. The

  4. Important she gets her rest so she can get through her work day. Make sure she goes to bed on time.