Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Night

 Mum had an early start this morning, heading to work at 6.30am in the dark.  It was a busy day, but went fast.  Mum then went and stocked up at the supermarket, but still made it home to a sunny afternoon.  13 degrees, but it felt much warmer in the sunshine.
She threw the windows and doors open for a couple of hours, and luckily noticed the beautiful evening sky.
She thought you might like a glimpse of her dinner.  She thought she would try something new and bought some pesto stuffed chicken breasts which were delicious.   While they cooked she heated up some hash browns and cooked up some cabbage which she then drained and cooked with some pepper.  Dessert will be some fruit and custard.

Me - well I had my feast at 4.30pm and then took myself off to bed.  Life is good.


  1. oooO! Yes! Poppy!x Pesto stuffed chicken
    breasts are really nice! I make them myself.
    And, l love hash's nearly eight
    over here, l'm off for a bit of breaky in a
    mo...always have a fry up...l'm sure l've
    some hash browns in the freezer! Thankyou
    Mum for reminding me!

    Going to be hot to~day after the
    to the supermarket at ten....then back home
    for hopefully a restful day, though l usually
    get visitors on a Sunday afternoon! :0).

  2. Yummy dinner! Sounds perfect and looks all the more so on the adorable Emma Bridgewater plate!

  3. Poppy, dear, I do appreciate your Mum sharing her good ideas for a single human's supper! Hash browns in the freezer, there are indeed! And some chicken breasts and a jar of pesto. (Might sub a salad for the cabbage, 'tho.)

  4. Glad your busy day went fast and you had time to enjoy those beautiful skies.. It looks so calm and peaceful. That delious meal makes me hungry now! It's 11pm.:(
    There is nothing like Wellington on a good day. It would be nice if it is like that for next Sat.

  5. Lovely sky shots, Poppy (and mum). 13C is pretty nice out! Our summer mornings are about that, or have been--far cooler than normal this year (because the biped invested in central air plus a new furnace - ha). Your mum's dinner looks yummy, too! Our biped is fond of convenient food from good delis, like a stuffed chicken breast, Greek salad, etc. A bit more expensive, of course, but less wasted food, so it probably all evens out in the end.

  6. I don't know which is more beautiful, the gently fiery sky or your mum's dinner.

  7. Yummy dinner. The cabbage and peppers sounds delicious. I bought fresh strawberries for dessert but the shop was out of custard to go with them. The sky photos are lovely. Sleep tight, Poppy.

  8. That is a beautiful sky! We had some pretty skies with thunder clouds