Sunday, July 30, 2017


How are you my furriends?  Are you having a relaxing day?  Mum couldn't figure out why I came and sat on her twice this morning, then she checked her phone and it said the temperature was a cool 2 degree C.

She got up early and went out to the seaside to have lunch with some lovely friends.  She took no photos, so instead will leave you with this movie she took of me later night.  In case you don't talk cat - I am telling her to hurry up and make the bed. (Sorry we can't get the video to load and play.  They don't make it easy for middle aged mumsters).

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Well, l've been out for a little walk...Popped
    into M&S for a coffee, went to see a friend and
    his Kio Carp...They are BIG..! Keep you in food
    for a week Poppy!x HeHe! :).

    Just tried the came up...Error, please
    try that's what l'll do! :).

  2. Error here as well. Would LOVE to hear your voice Poppy.

  3. Ah! Never mind Poppy!x At least we've
    got a 'tail' to tell...Bless!x

  4. Hope you didn't have to wait too long, Poppy!

  5. Well, we couldn't see your video, we loved your picture today, Poppy. So cute seeing your tail sticking out from under the sheets!

  6. Hope you are cosy & warm under that blanket there Poppy Q ... it was -2 here this morning ... a real ripper of a frost.
    Miss Pippi was tucked up under the covers. Have a lovely week Poppy & Mum Xxx

  7. We've had 30 degree temperatures (Celsius) for three weeks, and expect more of them. I long for two degrees...

  8. Bummer - I wish I could have seen the video!