Tuesday, November 8, 2016

All Eyes

All eyes appear to be on America in the next 24+ hours.  Every news channel is just about imploding from excitement, and we cannot imagine what it must be like to be in the US - will you all just be pleased when it is over?

Mum and I decided it was a take it easy kind of day today.  The sun peaked out, clouded over and then peaked out again, so the sheets and towels were washed and dried out in the ebbing sun.  Mum walked to the library to restock and then went to the supermarket.  A home made dinner was made and now the house smells slightly of cabbage, so candles have been lit.  Mum allowed herself 2 squares of chocolate and I got about 10 bits of party mix.  So the girls are happy.  How about you - any treats today?


  1. Same over here Poppy!x It's been going on
    for ever....Actually! I'm surprised Trump
    is still alive..what a horrible man! :(,

    Sharp frost this morning, just been out to
    the car with some warm water, to clear the
    ice on the windscreen..! Warmer later they

    I've always got some chocolate..though! I always
    keep it in the fridge..Why? Heaven knows! I just
    do...! :).

  2. My human has been as nervous as a feral cat in a trap over this election! She is glad she and her boyfriend will be spending the evening with another couple as the results come in. She hopes we do not have to leave the U.S., MOL!

  3. Here in Canada the coverage on our news stations has been daily for a very long time now. Since it all started, in fact. Tonight the stations will be broadcasting live from 8 or 9 PM onward. Ridiculous; it's not our even country. We are heartily sick of it all and just want it to be over. We wish the U.S. the best, because no matter what happens, there's going to be a large contingent of voters who are very, very unhappy.

    As for treats -- Poppy, EVERY day is a treat day! :-)

  4. So embarrassed that our country even nominated the disgusting Trump. I blame our educational system that has been ranked so far below any other civilized country. I feel like our dirty laundry has been hung out for everyone to see. I'm ordering Chinese food for dinner tonight and will be watching old movies as I don't think my heart can stand watching the returns come in...

  5. Like Fuzzy Tales, I'm Canadian, and will be glad when it is over. The worst of any election is the boasting of the winning party afterward; they always act as if they were voted in with no reservations and there is nothing bad about them at all. But, that's politicians. And unfortunately, the U.S. still has an effect on the world; it's just a question of how bad an effect.

  6. poppy Q....we lives in de states....

    we due knot haz tee vee hook up.....

    we iz catz N canna even vote....


    and de @()%^!(##!

    and de rest oh de ()@!!#)*@$ &*

    and de rest oh de (#!_#!(# &)@(@*&)(!!!*(

    and thatz de damn trooth

    coz %@(^@$&!@ been... EVEREE WEAR......


  7. Me and mum will be furry happy this election thingy will be over. We had sun in the AM, a bit more clouds in the PM. Mum voted, then worked in the yard and moved the leaves off the grass.